Monday, November 30, 2015

Only a Few Treasures

The past few weeks, we've been busy with life. Not much time for treasure hunting. Our oldest son moved out on his own about 45 minutes away, so we've been busy hauling and moving and unpacking. It's been harder than I thought it would be to have him move out. On top of that, I've been fighting a cold and coughing my head off for the past two weeks. It's finally starting to slow down-whew!

My parents came to town for a couple of days for Turkey Day, but had to leave early because my mom wasn't feeling well. She is having some serious health issues that I hope the Dr's can figure out quickly!!

Mom and I did get to do some Black Friday shopping, although we didn't leave home until after 9am. We got some great deals, and she was always able to find me in the crowds by listening for my cough!

With the oldest moving out, the youngest has been bustling around and working like crazy to set himself up in our basement apartment. He's been drooling over the space for a few years now, and can hardly contain himself with the joy of having his own entrance and a much larger space than his bedroom (about 4 times the space of his old bedroom!).

Mr. has been busy in his woodshop. He just made a huge maple butcher block countertop for a coworker and a pair of doggie bed steps for another coworker. He's currently working on a set of steps for our little Lucy. I don't think she's going to use them though, she's perfectly content with taking a flying leap to jump off our bed, even though I try to stop her.

Here are some pics of the last few weeks around our house...

Lonestar quilt top that was a super steal deal!

Baby shower/potluck at work for a coworker couple expecting their first...

First snow of the year...16.8 inches in one day!

First day of moving in, and moving out old tenant's leftover chair and couch. New paint and new carpet and a super great monthly deal! I'm so happy for him, but sad at the same time. The painters ripped the mantle off the wall...literally! See the big holes?!? Good thing he's a handy guy and can fix it!!

Mr made a butcher block cutting board countertop for a coworker---it was gorgeous!!!

Got a fun little package in the mail, that was over done on the little ornament in this HUGE box!

All ready for Halloween next year!! LOVE this FUN Fiesta plate!!!

I've been wanting one of these metal wreaths for years!! I finally found one!!! Now I need to find three more Fiesta ornaments so I can hang it up!! The bow comes off, so I could change it out with seasonal ribbon bows and keep it up all year!

One cute little ornament!! This is what was in the HUGE box from Dillards...

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving making lots of memories and eating lots of great food!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

2015 Michigan Depression Glass Show!

Today was another "first" for me! I went to the Michigan Depression Glass Show in Dearborn. I've seen ads for this show for years, but have never gone because, 1. I thought it was just a "show", and  2. I thought it wouldn't be my kind of thing.

I'm glad I went, because it's NOT just a "show", most of everything I saw was for sale, and the prices weren't anywhere near as bad as I thought they might be, and there were a LOT of my kind of things there!  I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of Jadeite, Pyrex, Hazel Atlas,&  Fire King mixed in with all of the gorgeous depression glass.

I got a kick out of people watching at the show. Some people were literally running up to the Jadeite tables, and people were doing some serious blocking at the Pyrex tables. I overheard people telling other people things like, "oh, that's Fire King", and the other person agreeing with them, when the item was definitely Hazel Atlas. I overheard a couple of people getting snarky with each other, not over any particular item...I just think they were dealers looking for a deal, but the other one beat them in to the show...or something like that.

One of the dealers that I bought something from was surprised at the interest in Pyrex. She said she was new to it, and when she was talking to a fellow dealer at the show about it, the other dealer said she refused to have it in her booth, because it is "basement glass". I'll bet that dealer will regret not having any Pyrex, because from what I could see, it was flying off the shelves!!

There were four of us for today's adventure. It was short and sweet! Just enough time to see everything, buy some fun things and still get home in time to have the whole afternoon to do something else!

Here are some pics of what I saw and what I bought...

Waiting in line for the doors to open. The first 200 people got Pyrex pins! We got a front row parking spot too and we were only about 14 minutes early.

The big Pyrex display!

The little red atomic dot bowl was priced separately and it was the same price as the entire set!

I'd really like to find the three smaller sizes in this pattern to complete a set.

I love amethyst Blenko!

I've never seen this before...does anyone know what it is??

I've never seen this Pyrex platter before either-have you??

These weren't for sale, they were some rare items on display by Michael Barber who was there selling his book Pyrex Passion.

This was their selfie station, where you could take a selfie with your treasure and their sign.

It was a beautiful day and in a beautiful building. Look at that sky!!!

I bought the book, and got it signed!!

It's official! I'm an "Authorized Pyrex Shopper!"

Cute little pixie that I found for $10 less than any other dealer at the show.

I added another space saver to my stack...I think I need some black snowflakes to mix up the stack a little!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Fun Little Trip to Maumee

Since I have to work tomorrow, my usual day off, I got today off instead. What awesome weather we had!!! It was fun to treasure hunt together again-it's been a month since we've gone anywhere together. We're going on another adventure on Saturday when we go to the Michigan Depression Glass Show.

We visited the Maumee Antique Mall and Great Finds Antiques (also in Maumee) today. Here are some pics of what I saw today...

This was super huge-about 2 feet tall!

Too expensive for me...but oh, how I drooled over it!

What is it? I got distracted and didn't ever get over to read the sign-LOL

What a great idea for a cutter quilt!!

My mom had a few of these when I was growing up.

That blue guy is pretty creepy

LOOK at this lunch box!!! How cute!?!?  Is it $90 cute though??

This is a kitschy napkin holder that Auntie bought...someone put a lot of work into it!

For lunch we went to Five Guys---YUM!!!!

Back to Michigan!!

After I dropped Auntie off at her car, I saw a garage sale sign pointing to a house that used to belong to a great aunt on my mom's side of the family. I went to a sale there a few years back, but thought they'd sold the house when she went into assisted living after breaking her hip. I was very pleasantly surprised to see all kinds of vintage stuff in the driveway as I walked up. Even more surprised to see her daughters running the sale!

I picked up the picnic tin set-in the original box (just like the one I saw in Maumee), the thermos, some vintage pillowcases, a little plastic bowl, a plate to plant in my flowerbed, a beer box, and a couple of hot pads. The other things are things I picked up at the two antique malls.  The butterfly quilt came from online-less than $15 for some seriously long hours of work!

It's kind of silly to buy an empty box...but the beer box reminds me of my childhood. When I was a kid, my mom got two beer boxes and painted them shiny black and then she painted my name in big pink letters on the top.It became my "suitcase" for camping. I packed my clothes in it and it fit in the camper quite nicely. I didn't even know it was a beer box until I was older. I just assumed everyone had that type of "suitcase". So, for $3, I got a piece of my childhood.

Look at this tablecloth!!! How FUN!!! It's already on my table!

I found this online earlier this week. I've been looking for years for this! It is a metal 12 days of christmas wreath that comes with mini plates depicting the 12 days of Christmas. I don't want the little plates, because I want to use the wreath for my Fiesta ornaments. I can't wait to hang it!!!