Monday, November 30, 2015

Only a Few Treasures

The past few weeks, we've been busy with life. Not much time for treasure hunting. Our oldest son moved out on his own about 45 minutes away, so we've been busy hauling and moving and unpacking. It's been harder than I thought it would be to have him move out. On top of that, I've been fighting a cold and coughing my head off for the past two weeks. It's finally starting to slow down-whew!

My parents came to town for a couple of days for Turkey Day, but had to leave early because my mom wasn't feeling well. She is having some serious health issues that I hope the Dr's can figure out quickly!!

Mom and I did get to do some Black Friday shopping, although we didn't leave home until after 9am. We got some great deals, and she was always able to find me in the crowds by listening for my cough!

With the oldest moving out, the youngest has been bustling around and working like crazy to set himself up in our basement apartment. He's been drooling over the space for a few years now, and can hardly contain himself with the joy of having his own entrance and a much larger space than his bedroom (about 4 times the space of his old bedroom!).

Mr. has been busy in his woodshop. He just made a huge maple butcher block countertop for a coworker and a pair of doggie bed steps for another coworker. He's currently working on a set of steps for our little Lucy. I don't think she's going to use them though, she's perfectly content with taking a flying leap to jump off our bed, even though I try to stop her.

Here are some pics of the last few weeks around our house...

Lonestar quilt top that was a super steal deal!

Baby shower/potluck at work for a coworker couple expecting their first...

First snow of the year...16.8 inches in one day!

First day of moving in, and moving out old tenant's leftover chair and couch. New paint and new carpet and a super great monthly deal! I'm so happy for him, but sad at the same time. The painters ripped the mantle off the wall...literally! See the big holes?!? Good thing he's a handy guy and can fix it!!

Mr made a butcher block cutting board countertop for a coworker---it was gorgeous!!!

Got a fun little package in the mail, that was over done on the little ornament in this HUGE box!

All ready for Halloween next year!! LOVE this FUN Fiesta plate!!!

I've been wanting one of these metal wreaths for years!! I finally found one!!! Now I need to find three more Fiesta ornaments so I can hang it up!! The bow comes off, so I could change it out with seasonal ribbon bows and keep it up all year!

One cute little ornament!! This is what was in the HUGE box from Dillards...

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving making lots of memories and eating lots of great food!!!


  1. My son moved out last year. Then moved back home for the summer. Then moved out again in September. It never gets easy.

    Happy Holidays!


  2. I've got that cough also and it's time for it to go away. I hope yours is better soon. Love your fun finds and the wreath is super cool with your ornaments on it. Hoping your Mom is doing better.

  3. I Nevers Knesset Fiesta made ornements! So cute!

    Hope you feel betterave son !

  4. Get well soon! Thanks for the photos!

  5. I had never heard of Fiesta ornaments before, either. How nice!