Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Michigan Flea Markets, Festivals and Sales-My Top 10

Every year I like to make a list of the flea markets, festivals and sales/shows that I love to attend. Since it is a new year, and I have some down time, I thought I'd make my list up early so I can mark my calendar and plan my adventures!

1.  Michigan Antique & Collectibles Festival in Midland. With over 1000 dealers on over 80 acres-you get your junkin fix along with a good workout! Admission is $5 per person. This year's dates: June 2-3, July 21-22, Sept. 22-23.
2. Warren's Greatest Garage Sale in a parking structure at Warren's city hall. Admission is only $1 per person and if you can think of it, it will probably be there! This year's dates are May 27-28.
3. Flat Rock Historical Society Flea Market at the Flat Rock Speedway. Free admission and parking-with up to 300 vendors. Their usual dates are the first Sunday in May and the first Sunday in October 7am-7pm.
4. Greenmead Flea Market located on the historic Greenmead Farm in Livonia. They don't have their 2012 dates posted yet, but I am assuming they will be Sunday, June 3 and Sunday, September 9-same as it has been the last few years. Admission is $2 per person and they have up to 175 vendors.
5. Royal Oak Parking Structure Sale located in the 6th and Lafayette parking structure. July 14-15-admission is $2 per person.
6. Williamston Antiques Open House dates not announced yet, but I'm thinking March and June-like last year, and years prior

7. Mega Mall Summer Flea Market located in the parking lot of the Mega Mall in Lansing. It is on the third Sunday of the month April-October 10am-3pm.
8. Ingham County Superfest Flea Market/Garage Sale located on the Ingham County Fairgrounds. Admission is $4 per person. 2012 dates are not release yet, but I am assuming they will be February 4-5.
9. Michigan's Yard Sale Trail located along US 12 Heritage Trail August 10-12. 
10. World's Longest Yard Sale or 127 Sale from Gasden, Alabama to Hudson, Michigan. 2012 dates-August 2-5.
These are my top ten. I don't know if I'll make it to all of them, but I will certainly try, and I'll take you along so you can have an adventure too!


  1. I love the idea of your top 10 flea markets. Thank you for sharing. I hope I get a chance to visit you somewhere.

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  3. Hi dogsmom & Ruby Claire!
    Thanks for stopping by! Dogsmom, if you are from Michigan and planning on going to any of the sales I listed, let me know-I'd love to meet and say HI!

  4. I LOVE the Flea Market at Historic Greenmead! I find the prices incredibly inexpensive, I'm shocked every time about the awesome deals that I can get there. Are some of the other shows that you've listed comparable? I would love to go to more! ~ Jamie Asper

    1. Hi Jamie!
      I think Midland is very comparable, as are the parking structure garage sales. I've only been to Flatrock once, but the prices seemed pretty good!

  5. Sorry to comment again so soon. I feel like I'm blog stalking you! I don't know if you've been to these places yet, but my favorite store on the west side of the state is 'Changing Thymes' in Grandville, MI (a suburb of Grand Rapids)and on the east side of the state the 'Town and Peddler Craft and Antique Mall' in Livonia. There are both a must!! Up north I love the Antique show at the Petoskey Fairgrounds. It's somewhat expensive but you can find good deals here and there. I find the vendor displays to be just gorgeous there!
    Anyway,You blog is super cute! Antiques and thrifting are both passions of mine so I'll enjoy following your blog!
    ~ Jamie

  6. Hi Jamie!
    I've never heard of "Changing Thymes"-thanks so much for sharing!!! I can't wait to check it out!!! I've been to "Town Peddler" many times, I just went a month or so ago-I think around Christmas time maybe.

    Do you have the dates for the Petoskey Fairground show??? I'd LOVE to check that out too!!!

    Thanks for stopping by!!!

    Nice to meet you!!!

  7. Would love to see the Funky Junk Vintage Flea added to your list!
    Thursdays 2pm-8pm 445-449 Century Ave, Downtown Grand Rapids, MI

    It's junktastic, you'll LOVE it!

  8. Best weekly flea market is the one in Trufant, Michigan north of Grand Rapids. It's also the oldest flea market in the state, started in the 1920's by the Peterson family and still operated by them. Basically goes from dawn (officially starts at 8 AM ) to noon, with dealers packing up from noon 'til they are done. No fee to enter and buy. Set up and sell fee is very reasonable.
    A number of Amish and Mennonite peoples are selling and buying, makes for a most interesting market. Auction every Thursday there as well.

  9. I love the Greenmead Flea Market and try not to ever miss it! I am so excited to find you site! I try to go to garage sales and flea markets as much as time permits this full time working woman! I love reading about other peoples finds, especially in Michigan!

  10. Fantastic list - thanks so much for sharing! There's a lot of great flea market goodness in Michigan!

  11. I'd love to go to Midland next weekend. With 80 acres, do you have any strategies on how to find what you're looking for? I mean, certain vendors located within certain areas. I don't have interest in the cars, glass... but I'd be all over architectural salvage, crates, ladders, furniture (that needs to be updated)...