Thursday, January 12, 2012

Merry Christmas to Me ~ Thanks Mom & Dad!!

I must be dreaming! I actually won a quilt top on Ebay and it was very reasonable! I used my Christmas gift card that I got from my parents and it came in the mail today. I LOVE, LOVE, Love it! The only issue I have is, it smells like cigarette smoke!

 It's twin size and I think it will look awesome on my old iron bed. It is the Grandmother's Garden pattern. It is very similar to the one I wanted to buy at a garage sale at the end of summer. The sale where the seller changed her mind and decided to keep it.

It doesn't have any stains, or rips...just the stinky smell. I don't really want to wash it, because I'm afraid the stitches might come loose. Any suggestions on getting rid of the stink? I can hang it outside to air out once the weather cooperates and stops raining. I just draped it over my tablecloth rack in the sun room for right now.

I got off work early, and was planning to go to a couple of sales, but it was yucky-rainy out and my GPS was being dumb, and I didn't feel like driving-so I went home and now, I'm sitting here itching to go to a sale-LOL!

I thought about running out to the Mega Mall, I've heard they have new management and a lot of new dealers and I've wanted to check it out, but I didn't feel like making the drive today. Maybe tomorrow. I don't see any great sales that are worth driving to for the weekend, so I might just have to get my fix at Mega Mall.

Or, maybe I'll just stay home with a good book...


  1. Nothing wrong with hanging it outside in the freezing cold and rain ( i do all the time). Another one to try is...big plastic container with kitty litter in the bottom, then newspaper, then quilt and lid...leave for 3 or 4 days.
    Another one is to soak it in Eucalan ( a wool wash you buy at knitting stores) this needs no rinsing, just let the water drain off, gently press out more water and lay out to dry (best in the summer)

  2. I am no fan of stinky ciggy smells either.Let us know what you do to get rid of the smell.

  3. Nothing a spell in the garage won't get out. That way it airs out but is kept element free. You could also put a sheet in the bottom of your tub then place the quilt on top and soak. Then when you take it out you lift it in the sheet which means you aren't putting strain on the stitches in the quilt. Enjoy.

  4. Thanks for the great advice! It is hanging in the sun room and the heat is off in there unless we are in the room, so I am hoping that will work. If not, I'll start trying your other suggestions! Thanks again for the help-I appreciate it!!!