Friday, January 13, 2012

Crazy, Busy Friday!

This morning I asked myself if I should stay home and do laundry or take a chance on a few sales that looked iffy. If you've been reading my blog for more than a week, I know you know what I chose to do! (smile) Yep! Kevin and I took off on a little adventure and tried out a few estate sales. most of them were frogs, and two of them were junior princes-not quite good enough to call princes, but not bad enough to be called frogs.

We had a nice relaxing day, enjoying each other's company-without the usual distractions around the house. One of the sales we went to actually had a bomb shelter and some of the stuff for sale was in the bomb shelter. I was excited to see it when the lady running the sale told us to make sure we we didn't miss it, because they had things for sale in it too.

The entrance was in a hidden corner of the basement and it had a long, twisty, narrow hallway leading from the basement to the bomb shelter. The whole shelter was probably 9'x9', and made me feel pretty claustrophobic while I was in there. It looked to be made out of cinder block, and I couldn't tell if there was more to it than that or not. It seemed like it could be a place someone could get trapped in pretty easily though if it caved in .

 Maybe it would be a good tornado shelter instead. The ceiling even looked to be cinder block. I bet it would be a fun fort for kids to play in-although I don't know if they'd get any internet connection in there!

This is what I picked up today:
 a chenille baby or crib blanket-no holes, stains or tears!

 Three fired-on apple dishes, two primary Pyrex 401 bowls, a few old Christmas stockings

 A plastic drink shaker, a Christmas mouse an oval frame, a clothespin bag,
 a pile of half aprons and a baby gown

 a pink and white baby blanket-gorgeous!

This one puzzles clearly asks what little boys are made of-yet it is pink and white!

This is what Kevin picked up-it came with a stethoscope-$2!

Other things we squeezed into our day include: a meeting at Eric's school, a trip to Lowe's and Home Depot and a trip to Costco. We found a shower enclosure at Lowe's that looks like travertine, but is a man made product-all assembled in sheets that you glue to the wall studs. I think we both are excited, because it was considerably cheaper than tiling the shower, but much nicer looking than the fiberglass one piece unit that we currently have.

 It's something to tuck into the back of our minds, for a later time. We still have to put stone on the outside walls of the sun room and we have Eric's graduation party coming up in June. So maybe next fall we'll change up our bathrooms.

We got a rug at Costco for the sun room. I think it looks great and it keeps your feet off of the cold, cold floor. Kevin and Eric think it is too big and hides too much of the tile...what do you think? It takes up about 1/3 of the overall floor space. It's a big one-7.5'x10'!

***As I was typing this Kevin got a call from Eric to come to the end of our little road, because someone had rolled their car! He was waiting to make a left turn onto our road and someone flew over the train tracks (coming toward him) going too fast for the snowy road, and the little hill that the tracks are on and started swerving right for Eric! She over compensated and ended up in the ditch with her jeep on its side. Eric ran to the rescue with a few other people who were driving in the area at the time, and I'm happy to report that the girl was just really shaken up-but not injured at all-thank you Lord! Poor Eric, he can't stop shaking-that was a close call!

Now I am off to do that laundry I bailed on earlier, and maybe curl up with a book for a few hours. Eric got an electric blanket for Christmas, and last night I fell in love with it! He may have a fight on his hands getting it back! It is just the right size to curl up on the couch with...maybe the laundry can wait a bit longer...a book, a warm blanket and a mug of tea-seem to be calling my name! (smile).

Hope you have a great weekend! Stay warm and stay safe!


  1. Maybe the pink blanket is to warn girl babies what little boys are made of ........ LOL. Glad no one was hurt, I bet he will see that over and over again even in his sleep for awhile.

    1. LOL! Maybe it was! Why didn't I think of that! :) He's still thinking about it 2 days later! We're just so thankful that no one was hurt and even the driver of the jeep walked away unhurt!

  2. Looks like you found some great stuff (am a little jealous - we did not go out today because mom was not feeling well). I love the baby stuff, I always pick up the vintage baby stuff. Don't know why I am so drawn to it but is usually so cute I can't resist. The stockings are great too!

    1. I'm sorry to hear your mom wasn't feeling well! I hope she feels better soon!! I've just started noticing the baby stuff, and now I seem to be drawn to it.