Monday, January 16, 2012

No Sense of Humor!

Eric had the day off from school and he texted me around lunch time asking if I had plans for lunch-how cool is that when your soon to be 18 year old son wants to hang out with mom!?! He even paid!!! It was just Burger King, but it was still pretty awesome! He hung around and helped me with some things for a couple of hours and then we went down the hall to the gym where the Red Cross was conducting a blood drive.

I was really discouraged to see how few people were there to donate blood! We were walk-ins and we got right in. I was surprised when the lady asked me if I was registering today as a female...what kind of question is that? Do that many people change their gender between their blood donations that they have to ask that question? Eric said they asked him if he was registering as a male so I didn't feel quite so weird about her asking me.

I was trying to be friendly and a little chatty with the lady who was processing my information, and she kept giving me "the look", so I stopped and "behaved" myself. When the blood started actually flowing, Eric was first, but I finished first 5 minutes 46 seconds. When she was un-hooking me I asked her if I beat him and she just gave me a disgusted look and "did you beat him?" then she sighed and told me to sit up and go get some juice and cookies.

Would it hurt them to be just a little friendly? Would it hurt them to make it a little more fun? Why do they tell you your time if it isn't a competition? :-)

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  1. What a lovely son maybe he can give my sons some lessons? lol and about Snooty people I cant handle them either and what amazes me is the jobs they do that are public related.