Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween-Fiesta Style!

Hope you have a fun Halloween!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Weekend Finds...

I found a few things this weekend...keeping the Harlequin pitcher, Fiesta plate, platter and glass stir sticks!
I might be keeping the pink gingham apron too-LOL-at least for a while...I found a set of 6 glasses with pink, white and blue kitchen items on them-I've had glasses with this design on them before, but these look like they might have been sour cream glasses-can you see how different the lip is?

A couple of melty popcorn Christmas decorations, a pink daisy Pyrex divided casserole, a couple of baby A& W mugs, a set of 6 Dog-n-Suds mugs (I only put one in for the picture. a mini stainless cream and sugar set, a Frankenmuth boot mug, a red basket, a MCP-USA brown planter, a Pyrex covered butter dish-don't know the pattern yet, an old wooden box ($1), a very cool vintage thermos, and an antique sheet music book-WHEW!

I got a couple more things, but like the other 5 Dog-n-Suds mugs-they are already cleaned, priced and in the bin ready to go to the booth.

How did you do this weekend? I'm heading over to your blog next to see what treasures you found this weekend! We've got volleyball in about an hour, so that will take up the rest of my Saturday. Tomorrow I plan to put another coat of paint on the headboard bench that Kevin made, and catch up on the rest of the laundry from the week.

Battery Jars or Aquariums?

I picked these up at a local barn sale yesterday, I think they might be antique battery boxes, but there isn't any markings on them to indicate that. Last winter when I bought a box similar to the medium sized one at a different sale, I went online to research it and I came to the conclusion that unless they had the markings of the manufacturer, they weren't battery boxes. Have you heard that too?

Do you know anything about glass battery boxes? Are these battery boxes or just glass aquariums? Wouldn't they look awesome filled with vintage ornaments in the middle of a buffet or table for Christmas?!?!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Would You Buy it?

Earlier this summer I was on a quest for furniture for the booth. I got carried away and picked up some pieces that needed a LOT of work! Fortunately, I was able to sell the one that required the most work for the same price I paid for it, but I am still left with a few that need work.

First thing this morning, I went to a couple of sales, and Costco and was home around noon, so I ironed a ton of vintage hankies and then headed out to the barn. I put another coat of paint on the headboard bench Kevin made (it's amazing what a difference good paint makes!!!). Then I got some sand paper out and started sanding a rocking chair. It was painted white, but it had some sort of transparent yellow poly coat over the paint that looked awful! Plus it had a lot of chips in the paint.

I think I'm going to leave it as is, and rub some wax over it you think anyone will buy it from my booth?

Mod Podge DOES Rock!

I LOVE the blog "Mod Podge Rocks"! Amy has a lot of great ideas, and once in a while, I get brave and try out an idea that I have. This is my latest attempt...

Before: Old mirror with boring white frame...

After: Old mirror with vintage sheet music frame!

This is my second Mod Podge project and I had so much fun!!!

What do you think? The mirror was a garage sale find last summer- $1.50, and the sheet music I found just a few weeks ago at an estate sale for a quarter. The whole project cost me $1.75!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Couple of Encouragements

I know I've posted recently that I've been feeling kind of blah, and that I've gone through some junk with someone. Still feeling kind of blah, but finding my way out of the junk. A couple of things that have really helped are two daily devotional emails that I get, and a daily email "letter".

One devotional is called Girlfriends in God, and the other is called Encouragement for Each Day. The letter I get is a daily letter that is written based on scripture, and it is a different scripture each day that speaks truth and helps me put the junk in it's place and focus on God's promises. It is from His Princess Ministries-click the link and click on "Love Letters". The first one I got sounded good, then it almost sounded cheesy, but getting them each day has really helped the past couple of weeks!

I just got off the phone with my mom, and she is going through a tough time right now with some junk and I opened my email and read today's letter to her and it really helped her too! So, I thought I would share the links so if you are going through some junk right now, you too can be comforted by God's word in a different format-a letter written as if it is to you from Him.

Hebrews 10:24

"And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds"

Monday, October 24, 2011

New Shopping List...

Since I found so many of the things I put on my list last spring, I thought I'd make a new list of things to look for. These things will be for me, for my personal collection-not for the booth. I can't really make a list for the booth, I just pick up whatever seems cool or interesting when I see it.

To finish my collections I need:
3- #5 vintage Fiesta mixing bowls (green, yellow and ivory)
2-#6 vintage Fiesta mixing bowls
2- #7 vintage Fiesta mixing bowls
404 aqua Pyrex mixing bowl
Vintage Red Fiesta gravy boat
cobalt blue vintage Fiesta grill plate
red vintage Fiesta grill plate
Turquoise Harlequin Service/water pitcher
Fire King splash proof bowls-white with red polka dots -the two small sizes
a pair of harlequin turquoise salt & pepper shakers
one harlequin chartreuse shaker
Fire King splash proof tulip bowls -the three smallest bowls

That's it! Once I find these things, my collection will be complete! Hopefully I won't find anything else that I can't live without and start up a new group or collection of things to look for!! I'm trying to find pictures of the things on my wish list and post them on my Pinterest board-maybe I'll even delete them as I find them-kind of a way of crossing them off my list! :-)

I spent a good chunk of time a couple of weeks ago helping a friend with her uncle's estate. She has a TON of work to get everything ready for the sale. She's hoping to have it in two weeks then they have to complete the house (it's only partially completed) and hopefully rent it by Christmas.

Her biggest problem is that she can't let anything go. She wants to keep just about everything! Her aunt made tons of beautiful baskets. I saw at least 50 or so that were not going to be for sale. I have no idea how many my friend already took home. Her aunt was also a very talented wood carver. She made tons of carved wooden birds and painted them to look very real. She's keeping all of them as well.

I think she is seeing her aunt's work as being part of her aunt, and she just can't let the stuff go. Since her aunt and uncle never had any kids of their own, she is the one in charge of taking care of their estate. I think she's going to have to build a barn at her house to hold everything she is taking!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hmmm...Maybe auctions aren't so bad after all!

This jar was at the bottom of a box lot that I got last Saturday at the all day auction. I was pretty excited to see it because it has glass threads on the jar and the lid. I've never seen a glass lid with threads before. I went online to see what I could find out about it and this is what I found...

It is from 1900 and it is a Flaccus Brothers Steers Head glass pint fruit jar. There are a few listed on Ebay right now and a few of them have sold between $55 and $110 each!

I also found out some information on the die-cast cars I found in the bottom of the is made by Barclay Toys, it is called US Motor Unit, it is a 1940 truck with rubber wheels-and is valued at about $35.

 The other is made in England, by Lesney-a series called Models of Yesteryear. It is a 1926 Bugatti and it is numbered (No. 6). This one is valued at around $30.

The amethyst cordial glasses look to be Heisey, and possibly the Charter Hawthorne pattern. They are around $40 for the set of 4. 

The little orange jug looks to be Taylor Davenport. It is pretty rare and hard to find, and could be worth as much as $95.

Not bad for a bunch of junk thrown into a box and called a box lot! 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fall Fun...

I sold a big bench on Wednesday, but because of work, volleyball and family stuff, I wasn't able to get anything to the booth until yesterday morning. I had to bribe Adam with lunch out for him to help me load up a giant white chippy dresser and help me carry it in to the booth. I didn't realize how expensive Burger King has gotten-LOL!

A large sized double whopper with cheese and guacamole combo was $8.89-and I don't even want to imagine the fat and calories. It's a good thing he is 20 and has a speedy metabolism! I guess that really wasn't a bad price to pay for his delivery services...I also got to spend an hour with him when he wasn't distracted by t.v., his computer, video games or friends-so it was definitely worth it!

Last night when I logged on to see what my sales were for the day, I noticed that the dresser had already SOLD! Woooo Hoooo! I could have probably put a higher price on it, but it went for 5 times what I paid for it, so I was thrilled. Until I realized I needed to hurry up and get back there with another piece of furniture to take its place, and to clean up the mess on the floor from all the stuff I had displayed on the dresser!

This time Kevin was my delivery helper. His delivery fee? A blueberry pie. Whew! That one will be easy, and we already have all of the ingredients, so no extra cost to me! Eric offered to be my delivery guy today-he was craving KFC-LOL! I don't think I'll have any trouble finding delivery help among my guys from here on out-food seems to be the magic payment!

While we were at the booth, the boys decided to make candy apples...we didn't have any shortening, so they threw in butter...which immediately burned because the candy liquid was so hot. Now our house STINKS like burnt candy, the apples are AWFUL (hope the deer will eat them), my pot is probably ruined and more than likely the spoon, cookie sheet and measuring cup are ruined as well. Sigh...boys!!

I'm sitting in the sun room, where it is a little chilly, but the air is so much more pleasant! Eric is off at Walmart picking up more apples, some caramels, vanilla ice cream and a case of Mountain Dew. Sugar overload & gearing up for round 2 I guess!

I went to a couple of sales yesterday. One of them was at the house of a friend from wayyyyy back. I thought it might be her address when I saw it in the ad and was happy that it turned out that it was! We used to be really close, she kind of was a mentor to me as a young mom. We did a lot of Bible studies together when my boys were really young, but kind of drifted apart when her family switched churches. We both just got busy in a lot of different things and lost track of each other. We caught up a little yesterday, and she gave me a cd that her youngest daughter recorded.

I didn't buy anything from my friend, but I did buy a few things at other sales. I think it was a pretty good day. I did drive about a half an hour to an estate sale, that I probably should have skipped. I got there at 2:00 and there wasn't even a dent on any table in the whole house! The street was lined with cars and it was packed with people inside...What does that tell you? Yep! Prices were waayyyyyyy to high. Ridiculously high. Even if they have a half off day, their prices are still too high.

Today we had someone come out to give us a quote on heating the sun room. Hopefully it won't be too outrageous. I really love that room, and want to use it all year round. Right now it is kind of half family living space, half staging area for booth stuff.

Here is what I picked up yesterday:

 A nice big piece of vintage fabric, a brown Wilendur tablecloth ($1), a roll keeper, and some corn holders. Are they bakelite?

 Here's a close up-sorry about the flash.

 A vintage corner shelf in gold and black.

 A full box of the little foil flowers that go around the older, larger Christmas lights.

 A box of old ornaments $1-for all.

 A new Carrom game with all the wooden pieces $1.

 A framed piece of an antique quilt. Look at the circle on the right side-it looks like a little label from the top of a spool of thread and right next to it is a needle with pink thread. $2.

 A set of 7 canning jar-like drinking glasses with fruit painted on them-free!

 A plate to plant in the flower bed next spring, an apron and a hanky-$1.50 for all.

What's that peeking out from under all of the junk treasures? Another enamel top table? Why yes, yes it is...only $12---annnnnd I don't have to paint this one-it is already nicely painted!

Now I just have to get busy and finish a vanity table, and a china cabinet so that I will be ready and waiting for the buffet to sell-and not get caught by surprise like I did when the bench and the dresser sold.  I feel like a nap though...but dinner needs to be made, and we have to be at volleyball by nap today!

How was your weekend? Did you find any good junk treasures? I'm heading to your blog next to catch up and see what you've been doing/finding-just as soon as I pop some chicken into the oven!

Friday, October 21, 2011

What are you reading?

Or maybe I should ask, What are you looking at? I picked up a huge stack of books at the library over the last few days and I've had a blast going through them. I plan to drool over them all weekend! I didn't even know some of them existed so I thought I'd show you what I am reading/looking at.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Latest Finds!

I just realized that I haven't posted any pictures lately of the things I've found! It hasn't been a huge bonanza of stuff, just little bits here and there. I've washed it all and it is ready to be priced and put into the booth, so I thought I'd take a snap of it before it all goes into the bins, not to be seen until dealer day when I load it all into the booth!

 I know, I know, I didn't last very long before I fell off the vintage tablecloth wagon-again! It was only $1 and it was different from any I've seen before...I'll try harder next time... :-) On the bottom are some melty Halloween and Christmas decorations (what is the official name for these?), two purple crocheted doilies, a vintage baby blanket in the box, a vintage baby sweater and a bottle you can just barely see the tip of!

 Vintage hand-painted buttons still on the card! I LOVE them! They were a little surprise at the bottom of a box-lot from the auction last Saturday. Jeri, have you seen buttons like these before?

 These two awesome little cars were at the bottom too! LOVE them too! 

 Here is a close up of the left side...a Fiesta teapot-minus the lid, some dainty amethyst cordial wine glasses, a master salt and spoon, a Christmas card holder, a plastic or bakelite storage thingy, some mini glasses, a red gingham apron, a clear creamer and a blue pottery cream and sugar.
 Here is the middle...a Pyrex golden butterfly casserole-minus the lid, a Haeger pumpkin, a McCoy vase, a Fire King mixing cup-minus the nastiness that once was making its home inside of it, a china teapot a candy dish and a little green tumbler or cup.

 The right side... the EAPG mother lode-candlestick, cruets, cream & sugar, marmalade jar with spoon, butter dish and two pitchers! A berry canister set, 8 vintage swanky swig glasses in the same funny rabbit design (these glasses are really strong! I just dropped one on our ceramic tile floor and it didn't break or crack!), a custard glass creamer, and a glass jar with glass lid (with threads in the glass of the jar and lid),

This box is mostly filled with stuff  my mom brought to me when she was here a couple of weeks ago. Stuff she cleaned out of her basement. Except for the gray cream and sugar set, the tea cups and the yellow egg cup.

I've been so busy that the box is exactly where she left it! The carved wooden shelves were my Dad's mother's. I don't particularly care for them, but I kinda don't want to put them in the booth that how hoarding starts?

I don't time to think about it now. I have to change my clothes and get to my volleyball match! We are playing with only 5 tonight and one of the 5 is a sub-YIKES! I guess it is a good thing, because we are tied for first and we can't take first again or we have to move up to the next level and I think we are all too old for that much competition and that hard of play-so we could stand to lose a couple of games-LOL!

I'm having a sloooooowwww month in the booth this month! How are you doing with your sales? Hope you are doing better than I am-YIKES! I haven't even made my rent yet! 

Monday, October 17, 2011

New Banner!

I'm trying out my collage as my banner! It is all pictures that I've taken of my own collections. A couple of blog friends commented or emailed me and suggested I try it as my banner-so I thought I'd give it a try!

What do you think?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Where Did the Weekend Go?

The last couple of weeks have just flown by! Not much in the way of sales-although I decided yesterday morning to give an auction two towns over a try. I really think that auctions are not for me. They take wayyyy too long! Although this auctioneer was phenomenally fast, I just can't afford that much time to get stuff for the booth. I'm going to have to stick to garage sales and estate sales and if that isn't enough, then I'll have to give up the booth. I can't take that much time away from home and my family. Maybe it would be different if the boys were out of the house and on their own, but for right now-it's just too much time away.

It was the biggest auction I have ever been to. We used to go to auctions on a regular basis when the boys were little. It was cheap entertainment, and once in a while we got some good deals. The local auctioneer that ran the auctions had some family issues come up and he went out of business, so we just decided to stop going, and have only been to a couple since.

The sheer volume of stuff that was sold yesterday-all from one estate-is mind boggling! There was about 100 people at the peak selling time. It dwindled to about 30 die hards at the end. There were a LOT of great deals. A LOT of people smoking and it all seemed to swirl around my head! There had to have been at least 40 rows that were about 40 feet or more long on top of boats, a van, snowmobiles, 4 wheelers, a dirt bike and more books and kitchenware than you can imagine!

It encompassed the entire front yard, a 2 car garage, inside the house, along both sides of the pole barn and inside the barn and a pontoon boat still in the lake! I took two snaps of inside the barn and they are of the center third of the barn from both ends.

It was loaded even under all of the tables, and there was another row of stuff on the right, the left and behind me, as well as a row at the far end. I can't imagine the hours upon hours the auction company put into sorting it all out and setting it all up!!

It was also an interesting day of people watching. Do you ever do that? I find myself doing it all the time. I kind of ended up stuck there for a few hours longer than I intended because Kevin looked at the pictures of the items that were going to be auctioned and he saw a couple of things that he wanted. I won the first thing he wanted right away, and by the time I was ready to leave, no one was available to help me lift it into the car!

Guess what he had be buy? Something he's already sold in the booth...something I thought would never in a million years sell...yep! You guessed it! Another anvil. I asked if one of the workers would help me load it in my car, but no one was available until it was over. All of the men were actively bidding and weren't available to help either. I found a woman who was loading her truck and between the two of us, we lifted it into my car.

I was ready to pay for it and leave it there for Kevin to pick up. I can tell you though, I won't ever buy something I can't lift myself again, if I am by myself. I made it to volleyball about a half an hour late.  I should have just went home, I wasn't any use. My legs were sore from standing all day on uneven ground. By the time I got home my knees, ankles and hips were just aching. I think between Friday and Saturday, standing for 14 hours between the two days was a little too much!

Adam and I spent all day Friday helping Matt & Margaret (Adam's best friend and his new wife) move into their first home. It was such a joy to be able to scrub down cupboards, wash dishes and help them get their home set up.

It was so awesome to see the love poured out on them by her mom and grandma. Both of them came to the new house with cars loaded floor to ceiling! I don't think Margaret will need to go grocery shopping for anything other than perishables for a year! Her pantry was overflowing, and each and every box or can was a little hug from grandma. She made dinner for them in her crock pot, and filled their refrigerator and freezer too!

By the time we left, the kitchen and living room were completely set up and the two spare bedrooms were set up and their bed was made and ready for them to crash. All they needed to do was set up the bathroom and dining room, and finish unpacking their clothes.

Thursday we took the boys out to dinner to celebrate Adam getting into the honors nursing program. There were 16 spots available and he was #1! We also got a couple of new couches delivered. They are quite a bit larger than our old ones and really fill up our living room. They are dark brown this time (the others were beige), and they don't really go very well with all of my purple stuff, so I'm thinking I'll have to start searching for some new curtains...and pillows...and maybe a rug... :)

Thursday I also got a reminder that I always trust people too much, and more times than not, it comes back to bite me. One of these days I will learn. Each time something like this happens, I end up trusting "friends" a little less-and wishing I was a hermit!  I just will have to be very careful to not share any personal information with anyone and keep conversations light, and generic.

The weekend ended with church, grocery shopping and a killer pot of homemade beef stew! Now another week begins with about 30 hours of work, 8 hours of volleyball, then laundry, dishes, family, church, catching up on my favorite blogs, and whatever else comes up...I'm tired just thinking about it! :)

How was your week? I'm heading over to see what you have been doing as soon as I finish here! Hope you had a great week-best wishes for an even better week to come!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Learning about Hazel Atlas...

It's been a while since I've done any research so I decided to find out about the Hazel Atlas Company. The company called Hazel Atlas came to be because of a merger of four different companies in 1902 in Washington, Pennsylvania. The four companies were Hazel Glass and Metals Company, Atlas Glass Company, Wheeling Metal Plant and Republic Glass Company.

The Hazel Company was started in 1885 by Charles N. Brady (he was also president of Riverside Glass at the same time) and C. H. Tallman in Wellsburg, West Virginia. They each invested $600 to start the company, which received it's name (Hazel) by a suggestion from one of the women in Brady's family-because she thought the name had a "nice sound". Their beginnings were humble, they rented space, and purchased their glass from Riverside Glass.

At first they focused on the opal glass liners for canning jars, and their business was a huge success. They quickly outgrew their rented space and purchased property in 1886 in Washington, Pennsylvania. They began to expand their production to include ointment jars and salve boxes. By this time, Charles was the full time president of the company. His dream was to produce glass containers more cheaply than tin cans.

Charles invested money in the Wheeling Foundry and Metal Company and requested that they develop machinery to produce the glass products. Which would increase productivity and profits, because at the time all of the products were hand blown. They were constantly looking for ways to develop more and more automation options for their glass.

Republic Glass Company was started by Charles' brother, W.S. Brady, and they made pressed glass tumblers. J.C. Brady, another brother of Charles, began producing zinc caps in his company, which was called Wheeling Metal Plant. The Atlas Glass Company was formed about the same time, and their main focus was to produce fruit jars.

When all of the companies merged in 1902, they expanded their interests from containers and closures to include a line of tableware that was attractive and affordable. As safer methods for storing and packaging items became available, housewives started purchasing more and more, and business soared for Hazel Atlas.

In the 1920's business slowed down, and they dropped their prices. Business continued to be slow and drop for 8 more years. The Prohibition Act forced a lot of glass companies that produced bottles for liquor, wine and beer to seek other ways to make a profit. They started joining forces to become larger forces in the industry and increased the competition with Hazel Atlas. Hazel Atlas, striving to stay competitive also purchased several plants in the early 20's.

In 1929 when the stock market crashed, Hazel Atlas still continued filling orders and even slowly growing. By 1930, they had 15 glass plants, and had decided to expand. Their new corporate headquarters (a four story building) was built for $200,000. The building was set up with all of the latest equipment, making it a very desirable place to work.

By this time they had over 5,000 employees. In 1933, the average starting wage was 33 cents per hour. Their company policy stated that they wouldn't hire anyone under the age of 18 and they wouldn't hire married women. If a woman was to get married while she worked for them, she was given two weeks notice and forced to "retire". Their policy continued in effect until World War II when the men were drafted and women had to step in to keep things running.

Some of the glass containers that they produced are; baby food jars, pickle and mayonnaise jars, catsup bottles, canning jars, dairy creamers, glass tumblers, vaseline jars, salve jars, ink jars, glue jars, shoe polish jars and face cream jars. They also made glass dinnerware lines and glass food storage items as well as liquor decanters.

Some of their glassware designs/patterns include; Aurora (late 1930's), Cloverleaf (1931-1935), Colonial Black (1930), Florentine (1932-1934 & New Florentine 1934-1936-also called Poppy), Fruits (1931-1953),  Moderntone (1934-1937), Newport/Hairpin (1936-1940), New Century (1930-1932), Ovide (platonite dinnerware with bright fired on colors 1930's), Ribbon (1930-1931), Royal Lace (1934-1941) and Starlight (1938).

Along with the usual depression glass colors of pink, yellow and green, Hazel Atlas also produced burgundy, cobalt, platonite (a white-ish blueish color with fired on colors), blue and amethyst. Many of their blue colored items also had a decal image of Shirley Temple (my mom and dad have some cereal bowls and a few other items in blue with the decal). They were offered by General Mills as a premium.

The earliest markings on Hazel products was an "N", which was later changed to an "H" directly above an "A" for Hazel Atlas.

Things went downhill for the company when they became a part of Continental Can Company in 1956. Employees working for them at the time tell of complacent managers who drew large salaries and didn't reinvest in research and development. They were involved in an anti-trust case in 1957 that was settled by the Supreme Court. They continued production into the 60's. In 1964 ten of their remaining 12 plants were sold to Brockway Glass Company as part of a lawsuit settlement.

In 1987 Owens-Illinois bid $60 per share( $750 million)  for Brockway Glass and in 1988 Brockway and Owens-Illinois merged. Owens-Brockway is still in business today and they have plants throughout the United States.

I really learned a lot from researching this! I had fun doing it too! It's amazing what you can find on the internet! Hope you enjoyed learning about Hazel Atlas too!

I'm waiting for this book to come in at the library so I can drool over the pictures!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Kinda Discouraged...Kinda Blah!

Things have been crazy around here for a while now. It seems like we are always on the go, to this place or that. Or something is always going on or happening. Last week, Adam got into a fender-bender with a pontoon boat of all things! He's ok, he slid on some grass clippings that someone mowing their lawn shot out into the street, and couldn't stop. Pontoon boats do not make good hood ornaments for tiny little Saturns!

After the dust settled, we found out our insurance company wants him off our policy or they will dump us. He found new insurance and even with his fender benders and one speeding ticket, they are less than when he was on our policy! They also want my name off of his car. I messed up the title when I was signing it over to him and since it says it isn't acceptable if it has been scratched off-I had to go to the secretary of state today. I didn't stick around when I saw that there were over 40 people in line in front of me. That will have to be another day.

My parents were here last weekend. It was a quick trip for them to come down for my uncle's surprise 70th birthday party. We did the usual Costco run and other errands that they can't do up in the U.P., and my mom even went in with me to dealer day at the antique mall and helped me fluff, straighten and add in more stuff.

I went back in this morning as soon as they opened to straighten stuff since it had been almost a week, and nothing looked touched at all!! I haven't been having good sales so far this month, so I am discouraged. One of the other dealers told me I'm being to hard on myself that it IS just the 7th of the month. The last two months have been so incredible that I've made my rent in the first week and the rest of the month I've been able to breathe easy.

I've been wondering if I should start slashing my prices...I walked around the whole mall today, and everyone's booths look really full and not messed up at all-just like mine. So I wonder if sales are a little slow for everyone, or did they all just came in last night and fixed their booths up? ;)

I've also been putting in a lot of extra hours at work the past month, so I've had less time for treasure seeking, and blog hopping. I have peeked at a few of my favorite blogs here and there, but I need some time to really catch up.

Kevin and Adam left last night for my parent's house. They called a couple of hours ago and they are on the North Country Trail north of Taquamenon Falls hiking. I'm surprised the call even went through! Adam just got a certified letter letting him know he was accepted into the Honor's Nursing Program ( 2 years at Washtenaw Community College + 2 years at Eastern Michigan University)! We're pretty excited for him. There were only 16 spots and he was #1 on the list! Then he plans to continue on to become a nurse anesthetist.

Eric and I are enjoying having the house to ourselves for the weekend. We went out to dinner last night and were really bad and got Dairy Queen on the way home! Sometimes you just gotta spoil your kids and make them feel special-right? He really enjoyed it-he got to pick where we went and he got to pick whatever he wanted. He's growing up too fast! There is no way I can be old enough to have a 20 year old and a 17 year old! I don't care what my driver's license says!!! :)

We got his senior pictures back, and they weren't edited like we thought they would be, and since it was a friend who took them for free (she's a professional photographer that does AMAZING work), I don't feel right in asking for them to be edited.

Maaannn! I feel like Eyeore today! Sorry for whining! I did stop at a couple of sales on my way home today from the booth, I got a few things, but it's a lonnnng way from a good haul.

Four Kitchen Kraft Mexican theme bowls, a matching dishtowel, a copper cake carrier,
 a striped appetizer dish and a dime purple bottle. 

I must be in a funk of some sort, I feel kinda blah...and discouraged. More than just the booth-On a good note, a couple of people that I've been praying for have had their prayers answered!

I picked up a couple of books at the library today-I'm off to drool over the pictures & lounge in the hammock and soak up the 80 degree, blue sky gorgeousness!

Tomorrow I might be helping a friend set up her uncle's house for an estate sale...then volleyball in the evening. The rest of the weekend, is open and quiet-so hopefully some down time will wear off the blues.

Have a great weekend!!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Playing Around...

I had some time to kill yesterday while I was waiting for my mom and dad to arrive, and I found Picasa. I made a collage with some of the pictures of my vintage kitchenware. It was pretty easy and it was fun! I might just change my banner on my blog. What do you think?

Haven't had time for any sales...been getting ready for my parent's visit and normal life (which is crazy right now!). Spent the morning with them and Eric at the theater watching "Courageous". It was an incredible move! One of the best I've ever seen! Kevin and Adam were supposed to join us, but they ended up going to see a different movie. I really hope that they will go and see it one of these days. It really had a powerful message and for being a "Christian" movie, it really didn't have the cheesy factor that a lot of them have.

Tomorrow my mom is going with me to dealer day. To help load in some junk treasures at my booth, and straighten it up. Then we have a surprise b-day party for my dad's brother-he's turning 70! I'm looking forward to seeing all of my cousins and aunts and uncles!

Hope you are having a great weekend! At least it stopped raining here! My parent's are off visiting, then we have volleyball at 6:30. I got two responses on my craigslist ad for that curved glass china cabinet (I blogged about it saying "What was I thinking!"). The first guy was all set to buy it then he asked about the glass...he never read in the ad that  two of the panels were now I am hoping the second person will have read the ad and will still want it!!

I'm off to your blog now to catch up on what you've been doing-can't wait to catch up!!!