Friday, October 28, 2011

Would You Buy it?

Earlier this summer I was on a quest for furniture for the booth. I got carried away and picked up some pieces that needed a LOT of work! Fortunately, I was able to sell the one that required the most work for the same price I paid for it, but I am still left with a few that need work.

First thing this morning, I went to a couple of sales, and Costco and was home around noon, so I ironed a ton of vintage hankies and then headed out to the barn. I put another coat of paint on the headboard bench Kevin made (it's amazing what a difference good paint makes!!!). Then I got some sand paper out and started sanding a rocking chair. It was painted white, but it had some sort of transparent yellow poly coat over the paint that looked awful! Plus it had a lot of chips in the paint.

I think I'm going to leave it as is, and rub some wax over it you think anyone will buy it from my booth?


  1. I bet you'll do a great job on the chair! I am drooling over your vintage hankies- hankies are one of my favorite collections!

  2. heck yes they will!! it has great lines and just the right patina