Monday, October 24, 2011

New Shopping List...

Since I found so many of the things I put on my list last spring, I thought I'd make a new list of things to look for. These things will be for me, for my personal collection-not for the booth. I can't really make a list for the booth, I just pick up whatever seems cool or interesting when I see it.

To finish my collections I need:
3- #5 vintage Fiesta mixing bowls (green, yellow and ivory)
2-#6 vintage Fiesta mixing bowls
2- #7 vintage Fiesta mixing bowls
404 aqua Pyrex mixing bowl
Vintage Red Fiesta gravy boat
cobalt blue vintage Fiesta grill plate
red vintage Fiesta grill plate
Turquoise Harlequin Service/water pitcher
Fire King splash proof bowls-white with red polka dots -the two small sizes
a pair of harlequin turquoise salt & pepper shakers
one harlequin chartreuse shaker
Fire King splash proof tulip bowls -the three smallest bowls

That's it! Once I find these things, my collection will be complete! Hopefully I won't find anything else that I can't live without and start up a new group or collection of things to look for!! I'm trying to find pictures of the things on my wish list and post them on my Pinterest board-maybe I'll even delete them as I find them-kind of a way of crossing them off my list! :-)

I spent a good chunk of time a couple of weeks ago helping a friend with her uncle's estate. She has a TON of work to get everything ready for the sale. She's hoping to have it in two weeks then they have to complete the house (it's only partially completed) and hopefully rent it by Christmas.

Her biggest problem is that she can't let anything go. She wants to keep just about everything! Her aunt made tons of beautiful baskets. I saw at least 50 or so that were not going to be for sale. I have no idea how many my friend already took home. Her aunt was also a very talented wood carver. She made tons of carved wooden birds and painted them to look very real. She's keeping all of them as well.

I think she is seeing her aunt's work as being part of her aunt, and she just can't let the stuff go. Since her aunt and uncle never had any kids of their own, she is the one in charge of taking care of their estate. I think she's going to have to build a barn at her house to hold everything she is taking!


  1. I can certainly identify with your friend. It's hard to let go of things right after a loved one passes away. When my father died I held on to every little thing, I just couldn't bear to part with anything. Eventually I was able to pick out the things that meant the most to me and let rest go.

  2. Its hard to let go of sentimental things! I was a but ruthless with my mom's stuff and wouldn't let myself keep too much of it, just a few really special things, but it was not easy.