Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Latest Finds!

I just realized that I haven't posted any pictures lately of the things I've found! It hasn't been a huge bonanza of stuff, just little bits here and there. I've washed it all and it is ready to be priced and put into the booth, so I thought I'd take a snap of it before it all goes into the bins, not to be seen until dealer day when I load it all into the booth!

 I know, I know, I didn't last very long before I fell off the vintage tablecloth wagon-again! It was only $1 and it was different from any I've seen before...I'll try harder next time... :-) On the bottom are some melty Halloween and Christmas decorations (what is the official name for these?), two purple crocheted doilies, a vintage baby blanket in the box, a vintage baby sweater and a bottle you can just barely see the tip of!

 Vintage hand-painted buttons still on the card! I LOVE them! They were a little surprise at the bottom of a box-lot from the auction last Saturday. Jeri, have you seen buttons like these before?

 These two awesome little cars were at the bottom too! LOVE them too! 

 Here is a close up of the left side...a Fiesta teapot-minus the lid, some dainty amethyst cordial wine glasses, a master salt and spoon, a Christmas card holder, a plastic or bakelite storage thingy, some mini glasses, a red gingham apron, a clear creamer and a blue pottery cream and sugar.
 Here is the middle...a Pyrex golden butterfly casserole-minus the lid, a Haeger pumpkin, a McCoy vase, a Fire King mixing cup-minus the nastiness that once was making its home inside of it, a china teapot a candy dish and a little green tumbler or cup.

 The right side... the EAPG mother lode-candlestick, cruets, cream & sugar, marmalade jar with spoon, butter dish and two pitchers! A berry canister set, 8 vintage swanky swig glasses in the same funny rabbit design (these glasses are really strong! I just dropped one on our ceramic tile floor and it didn't break or crack!), a custard glass creamer, and a glass jar with glass lid (with threads in the glass of the jar and lid),

This box is mostly filled with stuff  my mom brought to me when she was here a couple of weeks ago. Stuff she cleaned out of her basement. Except for the gray cream and sugar set, the tea cups and the yellow egg cup.

I've been so busy that the box is exactly where she left it! The carved wooden shelves were my Dad's mother's. I don't particularly care for them, but I kinda don't want to put them in the booth that how hoarding starts?

I don't time to think about it now. I have to change my clothes and get to my volleyball match! We are playing with only 5 tonight and one of the 5 is a sub-YIKES! I guess it is a good thing, because we are tied for first and we can't take first again or we have to move up to the next level and I think we are all too old for that much competition and that hard of play-so we could stand to lose a couple of games-LOL!

I'm having a sloooooowwww month in the booth this month! How are you doing with your sales? Hope you are doing better than I am-YIKES! I haven't even made my rent yet! 


  1. I'm glad that you FINALLY posted pictures of the 'treasures' you've been finding! I think you've found great stuff! (And, oh by the way, I think that is exactly how hoarding gets started -- you don't really like it and don't need it or really want it, but you feel like you need to keep it because it belonged to great-aunt so-and-so).

  2. I believe the melty plastic decorations are commonly referred to as plastic popcorn decorations. I sold a Santa one at my show this weekend. I have a wee fondness for them since they were in every window when I was growing up.Great finds as always!