Saturday, October 1, 2011

Playing Around...

I had some time to kill yesterday while I was waiting for my mom and dad to arrive, and I found Picasa. I made a collage with some of the pictures of my vintage kitchenware. It was pretty easy and it was fun! I might just change my banner on my blog. What do you think?

Haven't had time for any sales...been getting ready for my parent's visit and normal life (which is crazy right now!). Spent the morning with them and Eric at the theater watching "Courageous". It was an incredible move! One of the best I've ever seen! Kevin and Adam were supposed to join us, but they ended up going to see a different movie. I really hope that they will go and see it one of these days. It really had a powerful message and for being a "Christian" movie, it really didn't have the cheesy factor that a lot of them have.

Tomorrow my mom is going with me to dealer day. To help load in some junk treasures at my booth, and straighten it up. Then we have a surprise b-day party for my dad's brother-he's turning 70! I'm looking forward to seeing all of my cousins and aunts and uncles!

Hope you are having a great weekend! At least it stopped raining here! My parent's are off visiting, then we have volleyball at 6:30. I got two responses on my craigslist ad for that curved glass china cabinet (I blogged about it saying "What was I thinking!"). The first guy was all set to buy it then he asked about the glass...he never read in the ad that  two of the panels were now I am hoping the second person will have read the ad and will still want it!!

I'm off to your blog now to catch up on what you've been doing-can't wait to catch up!!!


  1. The second couple bought it!!!! YAYYYY! They paid me what I paid for it, so I am happy to have not lost anything, and happy that it is GONE!!! They paid me and are coming back tomorrow to pick it up! YAYY! What a HUGE relief!!!

  2. Oh that collage is wonderful! Yes, turn it into your header- it's so bright and pretty!

  3. Yes i love it also and would make everybody besides me jealous of all your treasures, change your header