Friday, March 25, 2011

Hangin with my Boy!

Today was a good day to sleep in! Eric didn't have school (end of the marking period), Adam always sleeps in, Kevin left early for work,  and it was my day off-so we got to sleep in-boy was it NICE! When we finally got up and around, we decided to head to a local mall to try to find him some pants. Not only is it hard to find shoes in a size 14 or 15, it's just as hard to find jeans in 36x36!

We had such a FUN day! I feel so lucky to have had this day with him! I know the day is coming very soon when he won't like me any more (like his older brother), and won't want to be seen with me or hang out with me, so I have to savor every moment like this!

We stopped at a church in the area that was having a rummage sale to raise money for their high school mission trip. It was HUGE! I wish we would have gotten around a little earlier-I cringe when I think about all the great stuff that probably walked out the door while I was being lazy.

I did manage to find a few things that I think will be great for the booth...

 A rustic looking heart shaped wire basket.

 A needlepoint piece that looks like an old stamp.

 A couple of old dish towels.

 A couple of tins and a couple of vintage Tupperware shaker sets.

 The find of the day...a vintage McCoy doughboy cookie jar, and the less exciting egg shaped shakers.

 More Pyrex

White egg cups

Four botanical prints-all framed.

We found jeans and some shorts (if it ever warms up enough to wear them) at Old Navy-we were thrilled to find his length! He made me laugh because he thought he wore a 30 length-can you imagine that on a kid that is almost 6'5?

The next stop was a good one too, I found a roll of red gingham tablecovering for the fundraiser dinner on Sunday-something at least 3 other places said was seasonal and not available until summer.

A quick trip to Gander Mountain and Eric finds a pair of waterproof hiking boots (size 14) on sale for $40! Even the salesperson was shocked that they had that size in the back-he said he's never seen that size in that boot before!

After that, we tried to find a couple of non-existent thrift stores and then headed home. We got about halfway home and I was thinking to myself that we should stop to visit a couple of old cousins that we hadn't seen since last summer. Just as we passed their exit, Eric says, "We should have stopped to see Leona and Bernice." So , swung back around and we went to visit them. When we pulled in the driveway, my Uncle from the west side of the state was there! We had such a super fun visit!!! We laughed and talked and laughed and talked. Leona is going to be 89 on April 25, and her sister Bernice is pretty close behind. I love them so much-why do I not make time to visit them more often? I'm so ashamed of myself for letting my life get so busy that I can't take the time to do that more often!

On top of all that was a sunny, gorgeous day-although it was chilly-it was awesome!

How about you? What were your Friday Finds?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Where Has the Time Gone??

I can't believe we are almost at the end of another week and close to the end of another month! My days have been so full, and busy the past few weeks-that I can't even see straight! I haven't even had a chance to catch up with all of the fun things you've been doing or the great treasures you've all found!

After Sunday, one very BIG thing will be off my mind and my list of things to get done...I'm working with our high school youth group and helping them with their mission trip fundraiser dinner. We're planning on serving a chuck wagon BBQ dinner (for 500). Pulled pork sandwiches, potato salad, mac and cheese, baked beans, tossed salad, cornbread, brownies, lemonade, ice tea and water-whew!

The biggest dinner I've ever done was for 1800, but I had a team of wonderful, seasoned adult helpers to pull it off...this time...I have 25 teenagers-some of whom have never had to cook or handle food -other than eat it- YIKES!

Next week also is the end of one of the volleyball leagues I play in. The other 3 nights that I play all end the end of April or the middle of May-so the light is at the end of the tunnel there too! When volleyball starts up in the fall and early winter-it is sooo much fun that 4 nights a week doesn't seem like much...but by mid starts wearing. It's great exercise-and it sure beats the treadmill, but I'll be glad to have a break!

I didn't realize how crazy my weeks are until today when my friend drew my attention to it! I did get to a couple of sales today (I had today off since I'm working all day Saturday and all day Sunday for the fundraiser dinner). One was a LOT of fun! It was wayy out in farm country. I got a few treasures, some to keep, some to sell. Am I the only one who seems to keep more than I sell, or do you find that happens to you too?

It was kind of a funny day because as I was going back to the garage after stowing my treasures from the house in the car, a guy walked up to me and said, "It's Kim...right?" I was racking my brain trying to place his face...and I got nothing. Next, he said, " don't remember me? It's me, Ben (he said his last name, but I'd never heard it before). I was kind of shaking my head-feeling horrible that I didn't recognize him, he was obviously hurt that I didn't...he said again "It's me...Ben." Then he said, "You're Kim Parker, right?" Ahhh, there was the ding, ding, ding, I'd been waiting for! No, I'm not Kim Parker-whew! He was so relieved! His feelings were starting to get hurt that I didn't remember him-since he and Kim Parker had grown up going to school together. We laughed, and I told him it was nice to meet him. I told him I lived about an hour away. Then he got all embarrassed for his mistake. We kind of laughed it off and went our separate ways.

How funny is that?!?! Isn't that weird that he got the first name right?? What are the odds of something like that happening-with the correct first name like that?? Have you ever had that happen to you? Or have you ever been mistaken for someone else? When I got home, I tried looking the other Kim up on facebook, and tried Googling her, but I think Parker must be a married name-because I didn't have any luck. I hope when he does run into her, that she remembers him and is happy to see him and gives him a great big hug-or at least a warm handshake!

These are the fun things I got today...can you guess what I'm keeping and what I'm selling?

A little individual syrup container.

 A funny little tray.

 A cute little picture.

 Anchor Hocking juice carafe and 2 glasses.

 A Michigan glass.

 Three butterfly gold casseroles with lids-perfect condition!

 Four awesome, never worn sheer aprons. Two still have the original price tags!

A huge box of Texasware-pink with sweet white flowers.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sunny Saturday...Super Sales!

This morning I went to a memorial service for the mother of a dear friend of mine. You may remember last May when I posted pictures of a bunch of ladies from work getting pedicures and dinner out-as a farewell party for's service was for her mom-Judy. I've really missed Deb since she and her husband moved to Atlanta to be closer to their daughters and granddaughter.

It's sad that the reason we got back together is because of her mom's passing, but it is also a time of bittersweet joy for the family because while their hearts are breaking from losing her, they know without a doubt that Judy is rejoicing with her Savior. If you are a praying person-please send up some prayers for Deb and her family as they walk through the valley of grief in the next few months-I know they would appreciate it!

After the service, I quickly changed clothes and headed out to a couple of estate sales and a couple thrift shops in that area and a little beyond. It was such a sunny, beautiful day!! Just a teaser because it was still only in the 40's-soon it will be warmer-soon ( I keep telling myself this because the cold, gray Michigan weather is really getting annoying!).

The first estate sale was more like a garage sale-it was throughout the whole house, but the prices were starting at a quarter! All I could find to resell were these things.

The second sale was a total frog! It wasn't even worth the walk from where I had to park to walk into the sale! They had prices higher than an antique mall and all the junk stuff could have fit on about 6 card tables-and it was the first day-within the first 2 hours! The people running the sale were too busy watching the television in the living room to be of any assistance to anyone-not that anyone was buying anything. I won't be in a hurry to shop anymore of their sales, that's for sure!

Next I stopped at a thrift where everything is marked, but you always get 50% off the marked price. I don't really understand this...why don't they just mark it at the 50% off price and sell it for that? Does it help sales when people think they are getting their items at half off? This is what I bought...

Just down the road was my favorite Salvation Army store. It's kind of a long drive, so I don't get out there very often, but when I do visit, I very rarely walk out empty handed. These are my treasures from that store...

The next thrift shop was the prince of the day. It is a new shop that runs on donations, and it is set up to help physically and mentally challenged adults with job skills and training for independence. It is a really tiny shop that only sells household items. They have a much larger second location a few miles away that sells only clothing.

When I first walked in, I was drawn immediately to a stack of Marcrest Swiss Alpine dishes. There was a sticker that was marked $9.99, and the sales associate confirmed that they all were included in the price. As she was wrapping them up for me I found another much smaller set that was marked $12.99. She offered me both sets for $13.00-and no-she wasn't a physically or mentally impaired employee, and no I didn't take advantage-honest! She was one of the trainers and was happy to free up some shelf space! Look how many pieces I got!

I punched another address into my GPS, but it would have been another half hour north...this was the second day of a sale from a company that I've found to have pretty high prices on every day stuff. The ad for this sale was very clearly tagged with "High End Sale"-I can hardly imagine what kind of prices they would have used-so I decided to skip it. There is another sale starting tomorrow in that general direction that I might head to , and if I do, I'll stop by and see if there are any discounts on their "high end" prices on the last day. I may just stay home---it felt really nice to not run out anywhere on Friday!

How about you? What did you find this weekend?

Friday, March 18, 2011

Productive Day!

Today it got up to 57 degrees!!! Since I didn't run out to any sales, I was able to run some errands that I've been putting off, sort through some junk treasures (see previous post), and do THIS!!!

I keep going into the kitchen and smiling, smiling, smiling! See the rolling pin rack Kevin made for me?!? Did you notice I found the blue Kitchen Kraft stacking refrigerator dish? Yep! I'm super excited! Now my eyes are peeled for the orange lid!

Another thing I accomplished today was to buy a piece of clear vinyl so I can use my vintage tablecloths again and not have to worry about the boys spilling everything on them!

 I know it's kind of cheesy, but I really LOVE the tablecloths and want to use them all the time, and I'd really be upset if they got ruined-so I'll live with the cheesy!

Thrift Shopping and Not Spending a Dime?

How do you shop for treasures and not spend any money? When you "shop" your own stuff! This week I didn't go out to any estate sales-I just dug through cupboards and old boxes of stuff from family and friends. Some of it I plan to put in the booth, some of it will go on a shelf, and some of it will go right back into the boxes and wait for another day.

Some of it is really old, some of it is only about 10 years old or so. All of it has a story to tell, and I wish it could talk! Look at this old Playtex Hair's basically a razor blade built into a handle. It comes in its own carrying case along with a tiny brush for cleaning and a folded up instruction sheet. My first thoughts were--"OUCH!" when I saw it. Can you just picture little boys trying to sit still while their mama yanks this through their hair?

This is a candy dish, marked Japan on the bottom. It was a wedding shower gift 23 years ago (almost exactly) from my great Aunt Tillie (or tightwad Tillie as her sisters-my grandma and other aunts used to call her.). I don't know if it is worth anything since I've never seen another one like it. I'll be keeping it since she is gone now as well as all of her sisters and this is the only physical thing I have left-I still have a lot of fun memories-but nothing else that I can look at or touch. Any ideas on it's age? For our wedding, she gave us $7 in cash! :)

Here are some pictures of some random junk treasures...I don't know if I should try to sell in the booth or just donate it...what do you think?? The Antique Mall where I rent booth space is an antiques and collectibles mall-so we are allowed to sell newer stuff.

 Any idea what this design is on this plate? Who makes it?

 Polka dotty shot glasses-one has a green tinge and the other blue.

 EAPG and a rocks glass with roses and breast cancer ribbons.

 A couple of old Avon bottles.

 A set of three small Nantucket Home bowls.

 A cookie jar-that would have to wait until next winter.

 A hot water bottle and unused lotion dispenser.

 Homer Laughlin Rhythm.

 Cobalt blue Pyrex 8x8 baking pan.

 Corning Cornflower pie plate.

 Set of 6 unused clay muffin pots.

A round lace tablecloth.

Here are a few things I don't know if I'll try to sell, or if I'll keep...what do you think I should do?

 The flash makes them look like they are scuffed where the labels are, but they are in really good shape.

 A Hamilton Beach Food Mixer, with a juicer attachment, dough hook, two mixing bowls and an original cookbook. Can you see the little metal thing in front of the mixer (at the bottom of the picture)? What is it?

 A crystal flicker light.

 I LOVE this cup and saucer from my sister-in-law, but I don't have any place to display it. It's been sitting in a cabinet for a few years.

 This is a folding rocking chair. I'm afraid if I put it out, one of my moose boys will try to sit on it! It's not really my style, but do you think anyone would actually want to buy it?

I'm pretty sure this is an Avon platter. Not my style-but I can picture it at Christmas loaded with cookies and treats!

Should I keep any of it or sell it all? Will I regret it if I sell it? Eh...maybe, maybe not-I don't know.

I also have a small boatload of Anchor Hocking Savannah that just sits in a china cabinet, as well as all of the serving pieces...should I sell it or keep it for another day?

I have started a donate box-so it would be easy to add to it.

I still have more boxes, bins and cupboards to go through and make decisions whether to keep, sell, donate or toss...stay tuned!