Friday, March 4, 2011

The Sale of the Year!!

Today's estate sale was the sale of the year! I know it's only the beginning of March and the year is still young...but it's going to take a LOT for another sale to top this one!

The weather wasn't very helpful this morning. We got started an hour later than we had hoped, but with all of the black ice, accidents, and freeway closures it was worth it to wait, and be safe.

When we got there (an hour after the sale started), there looked to be about 50 or so people in line waiting to get in! We shopped the garage and then stood in line for about an hour-in the rain waiting to get in.

While we were in line, we saw a rocking chair in the trash dumpster. Anne went and asked the guy running the garage part of the sale if we could have it. He said he'd sell it to us for $5!! Can you believe that?? It was in the TRASH!!!

When we finally got in it was really hard to move around, they house was packed to the gills with all kinds of treasures...and over-run with people-because no one was monitoring the door.

The main thing I went for was the vintage Fiesta-and I wasn't disappointed! Once I had my Fiesta treasures in my bag, I wanted to run up to Anne and say, "Start the car, start the car-let's go!!"

I got a LOT of great treasures besides the Fiesta (which I'm keeping!). Take a look...

 A really cute little hankie.

 A pile of hankies.

 Isn't this tablecloth AWESOME???!?!?!?

 I'm addicted to these little homemade hot pads!

 A few baby planters.

 A cute little jar-look at that price!

 A Watkins spice jar with zinc lid.

 A Lefton Easter candy dish.

 My mom had this same recipe box when I was growing up-she may still even have it today!

 The one and only ornament I found today.

 2 purple bottles.

 A Glasbake loaf pan-I feel an addiction starting for Glasbake too!

 This little donkey is a salt & pepper holder for Harlequin salt & pepper shakers.

 A couple swanky swigs-yep...keeping the polka dot one!

 A drink shaker-the other two I put in the booth sold really quickly!

 Boy and girl cinnamon sugar shakers-still full-original price? 23cents!


 A covered casserole in turquoise-sorry blurry photo-my hands are still shaking I'm so excited that I got all of this Fiesta!!!

 There should be a picture here of an orange casserole minus the lid and two Fiesta Kitchen Kraft stacking refrigerator dishes...but I forgot them on the check-out table after I paid for them!! Good thing my pal Anne was still checking out and grabbed them for me-WHEW!!! I can't believe I actually got the stacking dishes-I'm still pinching myself!!!

 Isn't this apron AWESOME?!?!? I've never seen one with confetti before! I keep waiting for the ransom note to show up in my inbox from Anne for my forgotten Fiesta-she fell in love with this apron when she saw it in my arms-LOL!

 A vintage Anchor Hocking juice jug.

A Michigan hankie!

What a GREAT sale!!! I also got a spindle-y wood headboard and foot board to make a couple of benches with...and a free rocking chair from the dumpster! I went back and asked the guy if I could just have it since it was in the trash-and he said yeah, if I could get it out. I got it out alright!! 

Now Kevin has a couple more projects! He says the first headboard bench is going to be really nice-I can't wait to see it!!!

How about you? Did you get to any sales today? What did you find?

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  1. Wow! That sure does sound like a great sale. I love everything you took home!!

  2. Wow! You did great--I love everything--those dishes are fabulous.

  3. I would love to go Estate Sale shopping with you! What wonderful treasures you found. I'm glad your new booth is doing well also. I am so glad you linked up with JFF this week, but would ask that you add a link in your post back to the party. I am your newest follower. Love your blog.
    thanks again! Linda