Friday, March 18, 2011

Thrift Shopping and Not Spending a Dime?

How do you shop for treasures and not spend any money? When you "shop" your own stuff! This week I didn't go out to any estate sales-I just dug through cupboards and old boxes of stuff from family and friends. Some of it I plan to put in the booth, some of it will go on a shelf, and some of it will go right back into the boxes and wait for another day.

Some of it is really old, some of it is only about 10 years old or so. All of it has a story to tell, and I wish it could talk! Look at this old Playtex Hair's basically a razor blade built into a handle. It comes in its own carrying case along with a tiny brush for cleaning and a folded up instruction sheet. My first thoughts were--"OUCH!" when I saw it. Can you just picture little boys trying to sit still while their mama yanks this through their hair?

This is a candy dish, marked Japan on the bottom. It was a wedding shower gift 23 years ago (almost exactly) from my great Aunt Tillie (or tightwad Tillie as her sisters-my grandma and other aunts used to call her.). I don't know if it is worth anything since I've never seen another one like it. I'll be keeping it since she is gone now as well as all of her sisters and this is the only physical thing I have left-I still have a lot of fun memories-but nothing else that I can look at or touch. Any ideas on it's age? For our wedding, she gave us $7 in cash! :)

Here are some pictures of some random junk treasures...I don't know if I should try to sell in the booth or just donate it...what do you think?? The Antique Mall where I rent booth space is an antiques and collectibles mall-so we are allowed to sell newer stuff.

 Any idea what this design is on this plate? Who makes it?

 Polka dotty shot glasses-one has a green tinge and the other blue.

 EAPG and a rocks glass with roses and breast cancer ribbons.

 A couple of old Avon bottles.

 A set of three small Nantucket Home bowls.

 A cookie jar-that would have to wait until next winter.

 A hot water bottle and unused lotion dispenser.

 Homer Laughlin Rhythm.

 Cobalt blue Pyrex 8x8 baking pan.

 Corning Cornflower pie plate.

 Set of 6 unused clay muffin pots.

A round lace tablecloth.

Here are a few things I don't know if I'll try to sell, or if I'll keep...what do you think I should do?

 The flash makes them look like they are scuffed where the labels are, but they are in really good shape.

 A Hamilton Beach Food Mixer, with a juicer attachment, dough hook, two mixing bowls and an original cookbook. Can you see the little metal thing in front of the mixer (at the bottom of the picture)? What is it?

 A crystal flicker light.

 I LOVE this cup and saucer from my sister-in-law, but I don't have any place to display it. It's been sitting in a cabinet for a few years.

 This is a folding rocking chair. I'm afraid if I put it out, one of my moose boys will try to sit on it! It's not really my style, but do you think anyone would actually want to buy it?

I'm pretty sure this is an Avon platter. Not my style-but I can picture it at Christmas loaded with cookies and treats!

Should I keep any of it or sell it all? Will I regret it if I sell it? Eh...maybe, maybe not-I don't know.

I also have a small boatload of Anchor Hocking Savannah that just sits in a china cabinet, as well as all of the serving pieces...should I sell it or keep it for another day?

I have started a donate box-so it would be easy to add to it.

I still have more boxes, bins and cupboards to go through and make decisions whether to keep, sell, donate or toss...stay tuned!

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  1. If you're not too attached--sell the cannisters. I had copper set that I put in my booth and they sold the next day!

    I'm partial to Savannah (I collect it). I say keep it! LOL. I enjoy reading your blog!