Saturday, June 13, 2015

Finally Catching Up

There really is such a thing as being too busy and it's not always a good thing!! I've been so busy the past few weeks that I really haven't had any time to just relax, or enjoy what's been going on around me. I've found myself looking at things as tasks to get done, only to move on to the next thing. I haven't had any time for sales, or treasure hunting, and although I miss it, it doesn't seem to have the same urgency as it once had.

The day after the gender reveal party, we went a little ways west and helped our nephew move into his new house. He's a first-time home buyer, who seemed very excited with his purchase. It was nice to be able to help. The previous homeowner, did some rotten things after the 24 hour walk-thru. One of them was removing a built in bench/shoe rack at the front door. Since we've been home, Mr has been busy making one in his woodshop. I got a peek at it today and I think our nephew will really like it!

The days during the week after the move were mostly normal, except at work, I was busy packing up my office, getting ready to move into a new addition at the front of the building. That was difficult, working out of boxes for a few days-I couldn't find a thing!! There were a few delays, but I finally moved into my new space this past Wednesday. It's going to be interesting to work in an open area of cubicles with 8 other women, when I've been used to having an office space that is about 8 times bigger than what I have now-all to myself. 

The fourth was our 27th Anniversary. We went to a local home-town steak place. I've heard rave reviews about it for years, and it was on my restaurant bucket list. The food was good, the atmosphere, not so much. It was in a tiny building, just big enough for a bar, the kitchen and a few booths. It was clean and decorated nicely. We were just too close to the bar and kitchen. It was also very expensive. We are happy that we tried it, but we also know we won't go back. 

On the fifth, I helped a friend with her son's graduation party. It was an evening party, and another friend from work came and helped too. My goal when I help with parties like this is to give the host or hostess the opportunity to get out of the kitchen to hang out with their guests and not have to worry about keeping the food full and fresh, and to not have to worry about clean up. 

I feel bad, because I think I offended my friend's family. Once I got the lay of the kitchen, and the time table for serving, I told them they could all go outside and enjoy themselves, that we had it all under control. A couple of them seemed offended, and not at all happy with me. I wasn't mean about it at all, but it seemed like they were looking at me, like "who is she?"

The evening went really well, and we had all the leftovers bagged up and dishes done by 9:30. After the party was over, one of the family members came into the kitchen, fully expecting to have to do all the dishes and package up the food. She was very happy to see that it was all done. She said, "Wow, you cleaned up too!?! I was expecting to have to be doing that-thank you!"

The next morning I had to be in Waterford for the Spina Bifida fundraiser walk. I love going to and participating in that walk! 1. I get to be with my cousins and extended family, and 2. It is to raise funds for spina bifida research. My cousin's daughter has spina bifida. Wouldn't it be awesome if some day, these funds helped fund research for someone to figure out a way to correct the damage of spnia bifida and allow kids and adults with it to walk and move like everyone who isn't living with it?

As soon as I got home from the SB walk, I got busy on cleaning out the garage. Not an easy task when you live on a dirt road, and mud drops from your car tire wells onto the floor. It took a few hours,and a final spray down with the hose, but it was finally clean!

Sunday after church, we raced home, changed our clothes and then took off for Wiard's orchard in Ypsilanti for the Burn Injury Awareness walk. My husband is an RN in the trauma burn operating room at U of M, and I think this is their 3rd annual event. It was the first one that I attended. It was run like it was their 33rd! Kudos to the organizing committee!! Everything was wonderful!! The location couldn't have been any better, great activities for the families, & great food made for a great day!!

When we got home from that, we loaded all of my booth leftovers from the barn and brought them up to the garage and I began the long task of unpacking and setting up for a garage sale. I worked on it every night of the week (except Tuesday-that's sand volleyball night at my house-so I had to be out on the court, making sure everyone felt welcome, and they were having a good time). 

My friend Auntie from Kitschy Vintage brought over a bunch of stuff and helped hold down the fort for the two days we held the sale. I've never had such a slow sale in all the years I've been holding garage sales!! I looked on my Yard Sale Treasure Map app and found out why it was so slow...there were 116 other sales within a ten mile radius of my house on Thursday!!! Plus the weather was terrible, hot, then rain, then cold, then muggy, then sprinkles...not good sale weather at all!! 

Friday started off really bad, so we decided to start packing things in. My youngest went to Lowes and got me 10 large moving boxes. I didn't know you could buy boxes by the piece, did you?? Only $1.30 each. Just as we started packing it in, a huge crowd came and we sold a ton of stuff! It was crazy how chaotic it got for about a half hour-then it was dead again, so we pulled all the signs and closed up. 

My guy stuck it out with me and helped me wrap and box every last little piece of glassware and he pushed me when I was waffling and not wanting to get rid of so much. I appreciate him so much!! We made two trips to a local thrift with two cars on each trip, and we took about 95% of what what left from my booth. I kept two bins of linens, and one of clear glass (for projects), and that was it!!

I am finally totally free from my booth-nothing hanging out in the barn or spare bedroom waiting for me to haul out and try to sell. That chapter is now closed. I feel a huge relief, but at the same time a little sad. I don't want to open a booth up again, so I don't know why I feel a little sad...I just do. 

Today has been spent just being lazy. I've spent several hours researching places to go and things to do next weekend when we head down to DC for a few days, and I went out back and shot a couple of guns with Mr, just to reacquaint myself with them should the need ever arise for protection in our home. My grandpa was a gun smith, and my dad is an avid hunter, so I've been raised around guns, and trained properly how to use them. I was just feeling a little rusty. I did pretty good with the targets, loading and unloading, and feel like I'm prepared should a need arise. 

Now, it's time to make some dinner, and get ready for tomorrow. I have to work in the morning, then the rest of the day will be spent cleaning bins and saw horses out of the garage and catching up on laundry. Then starts the task of packing, and final planning for our trip. I'm looking forward to a couple of hours of catching up on all my favorite blogs tomorrow too!!