Wednesday, November 30, 2011

First Snow...

Last night was the start of our first snowfall of the season...

Monday, November 28, 2011

Just What We Needed...

More bowls!!! Last week was a jackpot week for me for collections! I finally found a vintage Pyrex 404 in aqua (in my cheapo price range) and it arrived safe and sound! My aqua set is now complete! Wow--did that ever take a lonnnnng time!

Don't you wish Pyrex would make some bright, awesome designs again? I wrote them a letter last year telling them my opinion on that, but I never heard back from them. Maybe I should start a petition and get other Pyrex-aholics on board...wouldn't you love to see some new fun, bright Pyrex designs?

I also found this Fire King colonial bowl with a blue band (look how dirty it is!), and one with a pink band.

Then...I found a Fiesta #5!! I'm still pinching myself!!! It hasn't arrived yet-hopefully in the next couple of days!

Now that so many bowls have made their way into our house, I must get rid of some to make room. I am giving this Gibson set of nesting/mixing bowls to my sister-in-law. She fell in love with them when she was here last week, and I really don't have room for them. She's thrilled to get them too! I love it!!

Shhhh! Don't tell Kevin we got more bowls this week! He's so busy trying to get the second cabinet done for the sun room before his co-workers come over, and he was so focused on the 5K on Friday that he has been oblivious to the goings on around here.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Be Still My Heart!!!

Eric and I had to run to Menard's today to get some more oak bead board and crown molding for the cabinets Kevin is making for the sun room. While we were there, we wandered around and checked out everything. I thought my heart was going to stop when I spotted boxes that said 'Shiny Brite-Vintage American 1940's Design'.

Aren't they awesome?!?!

They were a little pricey, but I couldn't resist! I felt like pinching myself all the way home!

Family Update

Thanks so much for your prayers, comments and emails about my Mom and Aunt! My Aunt didn't get to come home on Wednesday, but she was home on Thursday and she looked WONDERFUL!!! They only shaved a small portion of her hair, and the rest of her hair was long enough that the incision was completely covered.  She goes back on Tuesday to find out the game plan for the rest of the tumors in her body-so prayers are still very much needed and very much appreciated!!

My Mom also had a great appointment on Wednesday. She found out she is in the very early stages of macular degeneration, although she is starting 10 years earlier than most people. The doctor was very thorough and very informative. She found out that on a scale of 1-10, she is at a 1! She got some great information, tips and advice as well as a treatment plan to try to slow the progression as well as things to do to make less strain on her eyes. She was very relieved when we met for lunch after her appointment. She is worried for me though, I guess blue-eyed blondes have a much greater risk of developing it, and especially since both of her parents had/have it and now her.

I'm not going to worry about it. If it happens, it happens-so far no signs of it. I get regular eye exams, so if symptoms ever show up, I'll deal with it then. All of your comments and emails felt like great big hugs, and they all meant so much-THANK YOU!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Open House!

Next Saturday is the Antique Market of Williamston's annual Christmas Open House! Looks like there will be 4 or 5 of us going this year! We've been going for several years and always enjoy this open house and the summer one too! If you haven't been to Williamston, or if it's been a while, this is a great time to go!

We plan to get there right at 10, so if you're going to be there around the same time, send me an email and maybe we can shop together!

Friday, November 25, 2011

5K and Light Parade!

Tonight was the Fantasy of Lights 5K run (Kevin ran in it) and parade (after the run). It was an awesome night for it! I just wore a long sleeved t-shirt and a hoodie and was very comfortable. There was supposed to be over 1,000 runners in the race! A lot of people dressed up with Christmas lights or garland. Kevin had a giant pair of cardboard scissors with a strip of wrapping paper taped to them for his costume.

The first runner crossed the finish line in just a little past 15 minutes! Kevin finished around 25 minutes. We had great seats for the race and the parade and we were able to get out and home quickly through all of the traffic. It was wall to wall people everywhere you went!!!

We had a great visit with my parents-they actually stayed until today and we got in a little shopping! We didn't leave the house until 8:30-but we got what we wanted and had a nice day!

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!