Monday, November 28, 2011

Just What We Needed...

More bowls!!! Last week was a jackpot week for me for collections! I finally found a vintage Pyrex 404 in aqua (in my cheapo price range) and it arrived safe and sound! My aqua set is now complete! Wow--did that ever take a lonnnnng time!

Don't you wish Pyrex would make some bright, awesome designs again? I wrote them a letter last year telling them my opinion on that, but I never heard back from them. Maybe I should start a petition and get other Pyrex-aholics on board...wouldn't you love to see some new fun, bright Pyrex designs?

I also found this Fire King colonial bowl with a blue band (look how dirty it is!), and one with a pink band.

Then...I found a Fiesta #5!! I'm still pinching myself!!! It hasn't arrived yet-hopefully in the next couple of days!

Now that so many bowls have made their way into our house, I must get rid of some to make room. I am giving this Gibson set of nesting/mixing bowls to my sister-in-law. She fell in love with them when she was here last week, and I really don't have room for them. She's thrilled to get them too! I love it!!

Shhhh! Don't tell Kevin we got more bowls this week! He's so busy trying to get the second cabinet done for the sun room before his co-workers come over, and he was so focused on the 5K on Friday that he has been oblivious to the goings on around here.


  1. I like your method- keep the husband busy and he'll never notice all the stuff coming in the house!

  2. It's a great feeling when you FINALLY complete a set, isn't it?? :)