Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's Vintage You Know...Seems to be the new catch phrase

I got off work at 10:00 this morning, because I have to work tomorrow (my day off) for a few hours getting a group of 5th & 6th graders off to their weekend retreat. I was pretty excited to be out and about so early...until I checked for sales-ugh! Not one single garage sale in my area with my kind of things!

I didn't give up though-I found 3 estate sales that were about a half an hour or so away that I decided to take a chance on. The first sale was advertised as a 5 generation sale. There were LOTS of cars there and it was exciting walking up to the big, old barn, with the anticipation of what I might find.

Everything was priced WAAAYYYYY to high! I found 2 things I was interested in right away, so I picked up the first thing-no price. I asked the guy at the check out table (who, btw was just sitting there), and he said $7-"it's vintage you know". I put it back and the very next thing I saw (about 2 feet from the first thing) was missing a price tag too. By the time I picked it up and walked the three steps to the guy at the check out table, he was on his cell phone on a personal call.

So, I just stood in front of him waiting...he looked up and said "What?" with a scowl. I asked how much it was-he cocked his head toward the table where I picked it up from and gave a big sigh and said $15. That wasn't the worst part. The worst part was the dirty look-followed by the eyes rolling when he went back to his phone conversation! I just found an estate sale company that I will never shop again! I don't need junk that badly to put up with ridiculous people!

I've been to this particular company's sales before, and I believe he is the owner of the company. So, I quickly scooted out to my car and took off for the other two sales. Hoping I wasn't just wasting my day. The second sale was in a really bad neighborhood. There were a LOT of burned out/boarded up houses.

Luckily for me, I found a spot to park that was only about 15 feet from the front door! Otherwise, I probably would have kept right on going. It also helped that a big burly man was going into the house just as I was, so for some reason that made me feel safer.

This sale was packed and I heard the lady running the sale telling people that this was the third sale they had out of this house! She said there was so much stuff, that they had to ration it out and they filled the living room, kitchen, and two bedrooms in the lower level three times for three sales!

They had a HUGE pile of vintage aprons, that were in awesome condition, but they wanted $5 each for them. They had an even bigger pile of vintage crocheted hot pads-there must have been 50 or more. The next pile was vintage crocheted dishcloths and there had to be at least 75 or more. Tons of doilies, scarves, hats, costume jewelry-and this was just in the living room!

The kitchen was loaded with all kinds of glassware, and while I was in there searching for treasures, the lady running the sale and the man who was helping her came into the kitchen to talk. She was nervous about the moving truck that backed right up to the front door of the house across the street. His advice was (because of the neighborhood) to mind our own business and ignore it. When I left I saw that they were actually moving stuff in and not out-so that was a good thing!

There was a huge table just filled with folder after folder of vintage sheet music. Each folder must have had 25-50 sheets tucked in it-all indexed on the inside pocket of the folder. I think there was at least 25 folders. I asked how much the music was and I was told $1 per sheet-not per folder-but per sheet! I put that folder down so fast! The lady in charge told me "it's vintage you know". I told her I knew that and all I wanted it for was some craft projects to Mod Podge with it. She told me to come back tomorrow-she'd make me a deal on the whole pile. I told her I wasn't from around there and wouldn't be back. She insisted if I wanted it I would be back. Sorry lady-I won't be back!

The last sale was in a tiny, very dark, dank and dirty house-filled with all kinds of nasty smells. the ceiling in the basement was so low you had to walk either scrunched over, or tipped to the side. I found a few things, but was very quick to get out and back to my car-which smelled soo much better-like chicken strips and potato wedges from KFC! :)

I stopped at a sale that I happened to drive by as I was heading home, but only got one vintage dish towel. The rest of the things were either new or had really high prices.

That was my day. No big treasures were found, nothing out of the ordinary-just normal, run of the mill junk. tomorrow there is one sale I plan to go to and Saturday Auntie and I plan to hit an auction that is practically in her backyard! Sunday is dealer day at the mall, so I'll be busy adding in new stuff. I plan to have all of my vintage Christmas stuff in by Sunday-wish me luck!

Here are the things I picked up today...nothing special, but good enough prices.

 A couple of old Santa candles.

 I LOVE old crocheted hot pads!

The coasters look to be Manhattan-they were ten cents each!  The flour sifter still has the original price sticker on the handle!

 I can't pass up the old syrup bottles...maybe someday I'll find one that is Fiesta!

 There's some Pyrex hidden in there, and a swanky swig. There's a drink shaker, and some old snowflake glasses.

 This old Christmas card basket is so awesome!!!

This is an old metal cooler. I snapped the pictures before I dried it out inside and before I wiped the outside.

Did you know that today is the national "Men Make Dinner Day"? I heard it on the radio this morning. Too bad Kevin is working late! I tried to get Eric to make dinner, but he said he isn't a "man" yet because he's only 17, and Adam couldn't peel the X Box controller out of his hand long enough to stir anything up-sigh! Rats! I missed out!! Maybe next year!


  1. You found some lovely things!!! I especially like the flour sifter and card basket!!

  2. You got great items! It's disappointing when you go out of your way to attend a sale, and the pickings are slim and/or expensive. Wouldn't you think that an estate sale company would realize that pleasant employees = happy buyers???

  3. Your blog is one of the prove that you started Christmas work of this year. I am stopping by one of the my facebook friend 's blog land and following you back!

  4. Hi, I'm Holly! I think ? we've met before but I'm not sure.
    I went to a green house once where the lady treated me like that estate sale guy treated you. I only went there once!

    Love your hot pads and the sifter! ♥

  5. I am so enjoying your blog, finds and will continue to check in. I don't understand when folks insist on charging more when if they'd go down in price they would sell more. Frustrating. But then you hit the good ones and get the wow factor.