Sunday, November 20, 2011

To Keep, or Sell...That is the Question

About a month or so ago, I got this awesome old iron bed at a garage sale at a very nice price. When I bought it, I intended to put it in the booth right away, but I didn't have room in the booth right away. The longer it was in my garage, the more I wanted to keep it. I see it every day when I pull in and out of the garage and I'm starting to feel guilty for keeping it.

I don't have anywhere to set it up until one of the boys moves out, and that probably won't be happening for a few years. Is it silly to keep it in the barn or garage or basement for years? Should I just sell it, and enjoy the fact that I actually found one, and bought it? It isn't a money thing, because I got a smokin hot deal on it. It's more of not having a place for it and storing it for who knows how long.

What do you think? What would you do? This was the first one I've ever seen under $100-or cheap enough that I'd consider buying it...I could sell it for a tidy profit...but...I may never find another one in my price range...what to do, what to do!


  1. I'd keep it -- you're right, you might never find another in your price range. I know from experience that those 'few years' before the boys move out and you can use it will fly by!

  2. I would keep it (but, I keep everything!). Can you hang the pieces on the garage wall or in a ceiling storage rack?

  3. Keep it and maybe use it as a prop in the shop.I have an old iron bed in storage and have had it nearly 30 yrs and will never sell it My girls used it and one of the grandaughters also have used it,Ill be pulling it out to use once we build.I love your one and would have bought it too x

  4. Keep it. I've been lusting for one for awhile and can't find a good deal.