Sunday, November 20, 2011

Please PRAYYY!

I mentioned my Aunt Brenda in previous posts. I got to spend the day with her when we were driving together to  see my Grandma for the last time and to say good-bye in August. My Aunt is such a sweet, loving and gentle woman who would give the shirt off her back to anyone in need, even though at times, she has been the one in need.

You may remember that I mentioned that she has been in a battle against melanoma. Six years ago, she found a spot on her toe that was cancer and the toe was amputated, treatments ensued and that was the end of her cancer-or so we thought. Last year at this time she found a lump in her leg and had it removed. Since then, she has found other lumps around her spine and other places, and the doctors found 2 on her brain.

Three months ago they radiated the two on her brain, and when she went back in last week, the two that were radiated are GONE! The bad part is, they found 4 more! One looks to have been there since the original first two but wasn't caught at the time. It is now really big and they are planning to operate to remove it this Tuesday.

Please keep my Aunt Brenda, her family and her doctors in your prayers. She loves the Lord and is trusting Him no matter what the outcome. We love her and want to have her here with us for a good long time yet! She is very upbeat, very trusting and very positive-never wavering in her faith. It reminds me of the verse about faith like a mustard seed...even though her faith is HUGE like a mountain!

My mom has an appointment on Wednesday with eye specialists-so if you could remember her too that would be GREAT! She is really scared for her sister, and what they'll find when the go in to remove the brain tumors.


  1. I'll be praying. Melanoma is the type of cancer that I have, but it attached itself to the back of my left eye. Mine hasn't spread.
    I'll be praying for your aunt and for your mom's appointment too. Please keep us posted!

  2. I am so sorry your family is facing more difficult times....will be thinking of you and your family

  3. Hope all goes well for your aunt and your mom. Sending positive energy your/their way.

  4. I've prayed and will continue to! Bless you all lots!

  5. Thanks everyone for your prayers and concern for my aunt and my mom! Still no news yet about my aunt's surgery...been thinking about her all day...and praying...and waiting.