Monday, November 7, 2011

Moving Stuff Around!

Yesterday was Dealer Day at the antiques & collectibles mall where I have my booth. Dealer Day is the first Sunday of the month from 10:00-12:00, before the mall opens to the public. Dealers/booth renters can go in and straighten/organize, add stuff, take stuff out-whatever without being in the way of shoppers. The mall owners also try to entice more dealers/booth renters with a free brunch and drawings for either $50 off the next month's rent, or a $20 gift certificate to be used in the mall.

I haven't won either of the drawings yet, but since I am always at Dealer Day, my chances are pretty good that one of these times, my name might be drawn! I keep hoping for $50 off rent-wouldn't that be sweet!?!?

Kevin went with me yesterday to load in a bunch of stuff and totally rearrange stuff. I had to keep telling him for a week that I really needed him to help me, and not wander off in the mall because I had a limited amount of time and a LOT to get done. He did really well! He didn't get crabby, and he actually had some good staging ideas! He was happy he got 3 desserts from the brunch buffet, and I was happy for the help!

We added in the off white bench in the back-it's kind of hard to see because it is all covered in junk treasures just waiting for their new home. The bench is made out of a headboard. Kevin made it and he made it with storage in the bench. I think it turned out really nice! I just hope someone else likes it too!

When we were all done, he said the booth looked good, but it also looked like someone threw up Christmas stuff all over it! HA! It DOES look like that! I've got every single piece of vintage Christmas, that I'm willing to part with in the booth. I walked around and noticed that most booths don't even have a single Christmas item, and mine is the most loaded-hopefully that will be an advantage for early decorators and planners!

I found a snowman blow mold that I sold in someone else's booth for 2.5 times what they bought it from my booth for. I just laughed-live and learn I guess! I sold it for 6 times what I bought it for, so I was happy!

I had to run back up there today to take in a small side table. Yesterday I sold a cute little night stand with curved drawers so I knew the lamp, clock and other things that were on it were probably on the floor. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that one of the workers there had rearranged my nightstand stuff so it just blended with the other stuff! I could have skipped going in today it looked so nice!

I noticed a few holes from yesterday-so hopefully the rearranging strategy worked! Either that, or someone wandered off and dropped the items off in someone else's booth! I'll find out tonight when I log on to see my sales for the day.

I remembered my phone today so I snapped a few quick shots:

I'm not liking the end corner shelf-the tall blue one. It is just filled with vintage glasses and it is hodge podge and unorganized. The next time I go back, I plan to redo that shelf. I got all of the others yesterday, but not that one.