Monday, November 21, 2011

A Work In Progress...

Last year, about this time, we decided to turn our deck into a sun room. After a lot of stress, anxiety and work, we got the sun room closed in, tile on the floor, tongue and groove pine boards on the ceiling, windows in, a small deck on the front and drywall up. We still have one giant wall that we had planned to put 2 built in cabinets on. The wall is split by the 9' door wall that goes into the rest of the house.

This weekend we got one of the cabinets almost completed. My shoulder hurts from the all day staining marathon I had yesterday, but I think it turned out great! We are going to finish it off with crown molding on the top, and two solid doors in the middle bottom, and the outer 2 bottom doors will have glass in them.

It takes up a lot of room, and I am worried if we make another one for the other side, it will be too big and too much. What do you think? Would the room look off kilter having a big heavy piece of furniture only on one side and not the other?

When you stain wood, do you put polyurethane on it or do you just leave it? We've used poly and tung oil in the past, but I'm not sure what I'm going to do to finish it. Any suggestions?


  1. That is such a great storage unit - you won't know yourselves once it is plance and filled up. Great job. I don't know anything about finishes, sorry.
    - Joy

  2. LOVE it! Is that beadboard backing? That sends it over the top for me! Perfect! Your collectibles will look great on those shelves!