Friday, May 30, 2014

Day Two...

Today got off to an agonizingly slow start! I even made my son drive out to make sure our signs were still up-that's how slow it was! A couple of people trickled in here and there and it didn't really pick up until around 10:30. It was steady until around 1:30, then it died down again and a few trickled in until I closed up early at 3:30.

The shoppers today bought more quantity than yesterday. I had my biggest individual sales today. With it being slower, I got more time to chat with people and it was really nice! I loved hearing about the way they were planning to use the things they were buying-so many creative people and fun ideas! I wish I could see how the bathhouse wedding reception, the Italian themed wedding reception and the green bottles with the melty candles all turn out!! I should have begged them all to send me pictures!

I posted pictures on facebook (my personal page) that I took last night and I've been bombarded with friends who've been shopping from their couches wanting to know prices, and exact sizes of things they've seen in the pictures! From those pictures I've sold a metal hamper, picnic basket, bench, dresser, and maybe a couple of washboards!!

So, if you're having a sale, take good pictures, and post them to your personal facebook page-your friends might arm chair shop too! I just took some better up close pictures and put them up-maybe I can sell a few more things between now and tomorrow!

So many dealers have stopped in the last two days! Many of them had booths in the past at the same mall where mine was. Only one had hers there the same time as mine. She closed hers too recently. I bet there will be a bunch of hankie rack,s like the one I use, popping up all over the place-so many people commented on it!

I was hoping a dealer would scoop up the pink mod podge cabinet, but so far not yet. Lots of compliments on it though.

Tomorrow is just a short day-we have an outdoor wedding to go to. It's supposed to be gorgeous! Good thing she picked this weekend and not next! Next weekend the forecast calls for storms all weekend!

I shopped my own sale again...

I could kick myself for selling the other pieces in the booth 3 years ago-what was I thinking?!?!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Day One...Whew!!!

It started off really, really slow this morning. I was starting to kick myself for cheaping out on buying a newspaper ad, but things started picking up, and before I knew it, it was noon and then it was 4:00 and time to close for the day!

We had tons of shoppers after our slow start, and we sold a ton of stuff. It was fun chatting with people-when I could hear them! I feel the starting of another ear infection (I have a chronic history of ear infections since I was very little), so I am having trouble hearing as well as it hurts like crazy! I felt bad asking a bunch of people to repeat what they said, and I'm betting I missed some things other people said.

I'm hoping no one was offended if I didn't answer them. I am trying to home medicate for now to avoid a doctor visit, but so far it's not working. The worst part is, I'll probably end up at the urgent care where they misdiagnosed it last fall and I ended up with a perforated ear drum. My regular doctor is always so booked up that you can never get in any more. are some pictures, see if you can guess what is gone...

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

As good as it's going to get!

After work today, my oldest son and I worked like crazy to get everything pulled out from our basement, spare bedroom and barn to finish setting up for the sale that's going to kill me garage sale. We started by setting up a giant canopy-that about did me in, and he did all of the heavy lifting!!

Then we hauled, and hauled, and hauled, and organized like crazy. It felt like we were working for at least 10 hours, but it ended up being only 5. The worst part was it was crazy muggy, and that brought out the mosquitoes in droves!

It's as good as it's going to get, except I still have a bunch of stuff to price early tomorrow morning. I may just skip it and make it up as I go (although that is one of my pet peeves when I'm a shopper, so I probably won't be able to do that).

Here is what it looked like when I came in...

Looks like I need to dust some of it too!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Vintage Extravaganza Sale!

I'm almost ready for my garage sale! Yay!! I've spent the last two days pricing and organizing linens. I have a few more bins of glassware to price and some stuff to bring in from the barn, but other than that, I think I'm set!

I'm thinking of using the following as my ad for Craigslist. What do you think? If you saw this ad, would you come?

Vintage Extravaganza Sale!
This isn't your ordinary garage sale! 90% of our items are VINTAGE!  Former seller in an antique and collectible mall-GREAT items, GREAT prices!
Items include:
Linens: Aprons, Tablecloths, Hankies, Doilies, Hot Pads, Table Runners, Dresser Scarves, Material, Kid Leather Gloves, Chenille, Quilt, etc.
Glassware: Pyrex, P86 Fiesta, Glassbake, Anchor Hocking, Fire King, Glasses, Serving Dishes, etc.
Furniture: Dressers, Cabinets, Bench, Stools, Kiddie Rockers and Chairs, Metal Cabinet, Cane Chairs, etc.
Miscellaneous: Picnic Baskets, Games, Knick-Knacks, Tins, Books, Enamelware, Cookie Cutters, Popcorn Cart (newer), Drill Press, etc.
Kitchenware: Aluminum Canisters,
NO CLOTHES!  Reasonable offers considered.

Thursday, May 29, Friday, May 30 9am-4pm, Saturday May 31 9am-Noon. Watch for the Bright Green Signs. 

There is a never used barkcloth day bed cover and pillow shams in the middle of this...I so wish I could keep it!!!