Sunday, May 4, 2014

My Friendship Collection is Starting to Grow!

I've been collecting Pyrex for several years. I just recently decided that I can't live without the Butterprint (Amish) or Friendship patterns. They are pretty scarce in Michigan for some reason. Maybe they are still being used. I picked up a 402 Butterprint last April when I helped my friend Linda with her mom's estate sale. I planned to sell it, but decided to keep it because Linda passed away shortly after we did her mom's sale.

I've been hunting since last September for the other three sizes, but no luck so far. About that same time, I decided I really like the bright red/orange/white of the friendship pattern. I now have 2 mixing bowls (403 & 401) and the promotional 475 (no lid). So, I am adding the 404 and the 402 to my wish list for the summer. Along with the lid and under plate for the 475.

While Auntie was driving us to Davisburg, I was busy making notes on my phone of some things on both of our wish lists. That way when I'm out and about, and she's not with me, I can keep an eye out for things she is looking for as well as things for my list.

The majority of things on my wish list are bowls-like I don't have enough of those!


  1. I blogged about a place I visited on Saturday, full of pyrex. I didn't want to be so obvious about snapping photos so I couldn't get a close look at all, but some of the patterns I had never seen. I thought of you.

  2. Friendship is one of the few non pink or turquoise pattern that I collect. It is pretty rare around here too! I just found the 475 at the thrift on Friday. Fingers crossed you find more!


  3. I started a friendship collect for my girlfriend and everyone in a while I find another to add to her collection..our friendship increases with every addition!
    Yours are lovely! I collect pink, tourquoise and opal white and collect to sell the other colors! Good luck!

  4. I ttink the Frienship patern is rare everywhere!