Monday, May 12, 2014


I went to a couple of sales early Saturday morning while I was running around picking up the last few things for our volleyball tournament and potluck. One sale was at a local storage facility. The sign said site-wide sale and the date, but no time, and since I was driving by, I thought I'd stop to see if anyone was selling stuff.

I drove past a few that were setting up and went all the way to the back to see what I could find. One lady was a dealer from an antique store or mall because she still had her price stickers with her dealer number and description on her items.She just wrote in big print with a sharpie over the old price a new, much lower price. (I'm thinking I might do that with the booth leftovers. Just use a sharpie and write the new price over the whole sticker. What do you think? Is it too tacky? It sure would save me a ton of work-peeling or soaking off the old sticker and putting a new one on...let me know what you think!)

Another sale had a bunch of rummage type stuff. Another guy had a bunch of tools and yard tools-we bought a shovel with a fiberglass handle for $2. The last sale was toward the front, it was going to be HUGE when they got all set up. They weren't very happy to have me looking at their stuff, and I didn't stick around since prices seemed pretty high. I couldn't figure out why they, and the rummage stuff people seemed irritated at me for shopping their sales...until I drove out! The other side of the sign said the sale was from 10-6!!! I was there at 8:40-OOPS!!! They should have had the time on both sides!!!

This is what I picked up from the first sale way at the back...

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