Thursday, May 1, 2014

Two Quilts and an Hankie

Last week, my adventures ended in family time. I didn't get to any more shops, but my time was well spent. I got to spend a lot of time with my youngest son, catching up after months of not seeing him very much. Then back to work on Monday. This week, flew by! After digging out my desk from being off work for a week, and catching up, my week was over and I got to head out to a few sales.

This weekend is the annual community-wide sale in South Lyon. I've gone for years to this, but last year, I missed it, so I wanted to be sure I didn't miss it this year. I think this was the first year that they've added in Thursday to the line-up. It was chilly, gloomy and misty today while I was out, and not very many people were opening their garage doors. Maybe more will be open tomorrow.

I ended up stopping at about 10 sales and 2 estate sales, and the only things that came home with me were 2 quilts and an hankie. I saw plenty of interesting items, and even ran into some friends. Several places had great things, but with prices that were way too high for my wallet. It's always fun to hunt!!

Both quilts seem to be hand-stitched, I even found some knots! One is a little faded, and the other has a couple of stains, but I think some time soaking in Biz and drying in the sun will take care of the stains. I got them both at an estate sale that was mostly new stuff. Only a couple of vintage/antique items, so I was happy to find them.

I almost missed them. They were upstairs in a bedroom that I almost didn't go in. After going through the lower level, and not seeing anything that was interesting, I just about walked out, but the hope of finding something...anything propelled me up the stairs, and boy am I glad I climbed them!

Each quilt was $8, so I spent a total of $16.25 today.


  1. I recently found my second old quilt at an estate sale. I'm addicted now!