Friday, May 9, 2014

More Bad Luck!!

I think I am done with buying vintage bowls online. Look what came in the mail today...I was fore-warned by my son who told me to look at the box. There was a little white sticker on the side and the top. That said this...

 I almost didn't want to open it, I didn't want to be disappointed again! It took me a minute to take a deep breath and gently jiggle it. I was hoping the post office was wrong, because the box was in great shape. Then I heard the sound you never want to hear when you get a glassware package.

  Then I opened it. Under a layer of wadded up newsprint,this is what I found-doesn't look too bad-right?

 Peel back the last layer, and this is what it looks like-ugh!

I feel sick-what a waste of a beautiful vintage bowl! One that was in super condition too!


  1. Why aren't these folks bubble-wrapping the heck out of those pieces??? When I sell Pyrex, etc on ebay I always wrap it in about 10 layers of bubble wrap and surround it with packing peanuts and bags of air. I NEVER use newspaper. I've sold probably 100 pieces and never had any breakage!

  2. What a shame! When are sellers going to realize that "more is better?" That box should have been filled to the brim with packing, and the piece should have been protected like Fort Knox. Hope you got your money back.