Thursday, May 15, 2014

Digger Sale!

When I was done with work today I had to have Mr.BHTS pick me up because my boys took my car at 7:30 this morning (before I was even ready to leave for work) to be detailed-a Mother's Day present to me! In an effort to save them their hard earned money, I suggested to them in lieu of "buying" me something for Mother's Day, they could vacuum out my car and wipe it down on the inside. They said they'd rather pay someone else to do it and have it done really well. So, that's why I was without my car after work.

We ran a couple of errands and then went to a sale that I found in our local paper that looked interesting. When we walked up, it looked like many other garage sales with tons of stuff on tables and items were priced by the table. So, on one table, everything that was on the table was $2 each-the other table was $5 and the last one was $10. the stuff under the table was the same price as the stuff on the top.

I found two things inside, then I noticed a canopy outside with tons of boxes under it and people digging through the boxes.There were three sections, $1, 50¢, and 25¢. Each section had about 10-12 boxes filled with all kinds of stuff.

At first I didn't feel like bending over and digging, but then I saw this...for 50¢!!!

So, I felt spurred on and kept digging, because you never know what you might find! There was a man digging like crazy and making piles like crazy when I first wandered over there, so I asked him if he found any mixing bowls in any of the boxes while he was searching. He said he didn't even know what that was! Who doesn't know what a mixing bowl is?? Maybe he just didn't want to be bothered.
I dug around for quite a while, my back was screaming when I finally stood up, but I think I got some great treasures. We went to one more sale before heading home. It's a soggy, misty, gloomy day and it's not fun to be out in it. The second sale wasn't even close to what they advertised in the paper.
There are 19 sub sales in our area this weekend. That has to be some sort of record! I'm planning to go to the Springfield Extravaganza tomorrow. It opens at noon, and I plan to stay until it closes at 6pm. They are saying there will be 2000 vendors this weekend-I can't wait! Have you ever been to it? I've wanted to go for a few years, but never just did it-until now!
I hope my phone battery holds out so I can take lots of pictures! I'm excited for a new adventure!!

Here are the things I picked up today...

 I splurged on the old rolling pin, $5. The covered butter dish is for a co-worker $2.

 The Pyrex pie plate is etched on the sides, I've never seen clear etched Pyrex before. I remember my mom shopping with the little red clicker thing.

  Are these corn cob holders bakelite? They were in the quarter box-so it was a quarter for all of them!

 My first ever bone dishes-I've always been fascinated by all kinds of vintage dishes-so I couldn't pass them up for a quarter each.

Clear glassware for future projects! The price was right. More yardsticks...can't...stop...bringing...them...home! 

I have no idea what I will find tomorrow-if i find anything! I hope it's a fun adventure!


  1. Oh my, that was a fantastic sale! Those bakelite corn cob holders are a find. I sold some not to long ago on Etsy for $50. Mine were diamond shaped and green but they were in the exact same box. That was a great find!

  2. I love digger sales! I once went to a garage sale where every single square inch of the walls were covered with yardsticks. So instead of regular walls, you saw all sorts of cool old advertising. It was so neat!

    Good luck this weekend!