Thursday, May 8, 2014

Summer Sales are Starting off Right!

After work today, I decided to check out a few garage sales. There were 49 in my local paper. Out of the 49, I found 4 that seemed interesting to me. Out of the 4, I only bought something at one...but it more than made up for the others being frogs!

I almost didn't go to the prince of a sale. It was in a neighborhood that I never have any luck in. It's mostly young families with lots of kid stuff. I decided to drive by just to look from the street. I broke another of my garage sale rules...there was no sign at the street. I usually won't go to a sale when there is no sign at the street, unless is is super obvious that a sale is going on because several years ago, I did go to a sale where there wasn't a sign at the street, and the garage looked set up for a sale-but it wasn't! That embarrassment has stuck with me in the back of my mind, so I tend to skip sales that aren't marked with signs or that aren't super obvious if there isn't a sign.

As I wandered through, I didn't really see much that was of interest to me, and then, at the back of the table in a dark corner, I saw Pyrex! A whole stack of Pyrex! Five pieces of Butterprint (Amish)-all for less than one piece usually sells for! They were all very dirty, but in great shape.

No lids for the casserole dishes, but I just happen to have some lids that I got for free from a local consignment store because "they have been around for too long". Free is great! I knew I'd need them someday, and that day turns out to be today!

The lids aren't perfect, but the price was right.


  1. Just goes to show that you can't judge a book by it's cover, doesn't it? I tend to skip sales in newer or younger family type neighborhoods. Guess I'll think twice about that now! Great score on the Butterprint. It's one of my favorite patterns.


  2. Woo hoo! Always nice to find Pyrex in unexpected places!