Monday, May 12, 2014

Table Shopping...

Since I plan on having a garage sale in the next couple of weeks, and I'm hoping to sell at a couple of flea markets this summer, I've been searching for some tables at good prices and a canopy to block the sun and rain.

I found a sale at Menard's for 6' folding banquet tables, with a $5 rebate, and a canopy with sides at a great price-so guess where we went yesterday?! The sale is on for a couple of weeks, and it is for both the solid 6' table and the 6' table that folds in the middle and has a carrying handle. I got a couple of the ones that fold in the middle. I also bought the canopy. I figure we can use it when we have company in the summer for potlucks-it's a 10x20. Now I just need to find a flea market to sell at and do it!!

We stopped at a little drive-in diner for lunch on the way home. The food was great, the only things that could have made it better would have been if they played oldies music-it was too quiet sitting there, and if the carhops would have been wearing roller skates or roller blades.

 Mr ordered the Cordon Bleu sub-it looked blah to me, but he liked it. Probably was the bacon. I had a cheeseburger it and was great!

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