Thursday, May 29, 2014

Day One...Whew!!!

It started off really, really slow this morning. I was starting to kick myself for cheaping out on buying a newspaper ad, but things started picking up, and before I knew it, it was noon and then it was 4:00 and time to close for the day!

We had tons of shoppers after our slow start, and we sold a ton of stuff. It was fun chatting with people-when I could hear them! I feel the starting of another ear infection (I have a chronic history of ear infections since I was very little), so I am having trouble hearing as well as it hurts like crazy! I felt bad asking a bunch of people to repeat what they said, and I'm betting I missed some things other people said.

I'm hoping no one was offended if I didn't answer them. I am trying to home medicate for now to avoid a doctor visit, but so far it's not working. The worst part is, I'll probably end up at the urgent care where they misdiagnosed it last fall and I ended up with a perforated ear drum. My regular doctor is always so booked up that you can never get in any more. are some pictures, see if you can guess what is gone...

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