Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 29, 2010

I LOVE dotty bowls!

I found another dotty bowl!

Goes great with the blue one I got earlier this summer!

I'm not sure on the maker, but I really love the small and large dots! I have seen a smaller bowl with brown dots and a larger one with yellow in this same pattern-so the treasure hunt continues!

Fall in Michigan...

The colors aren't as bright as they were last week, and the weather is a good 15-20 degrees cooler. I guess fall is winding down. Here are some pics I took in the past couple of weeks.

The hammock is put away, no more lazy Sunday afternoons enjoying the sun and warm weather... 

 We had such high winds the other day, the wind totally chopped one of these mum plants in half and blew it across the yard. This one and another one survived.

How NOT to run an estate sale...and Friday Finds...

I don't know about your neck of the woods, but in our area all the sales have pretty much dried up.  Auntie found one that was about an hour away that she thought looked good, so I searched out a few more sales between there and home. We got to the first estate sale about 10 minutes before the sale started. Good thing we had the GPS, because they didn't even have the signs out yet!

We had to wait while one of the workers ran around putting up signs! When we walked up, all the people sitting in their cars decided to walk up too.Some had numbers and told us to knock on the door for a number-and hopefully we wouldn't get #6, because they had already given out three #6's!!

Finally, about 10 minutes late, they opened the door and told us only 10-15 people would be allowed in at a time since it was such a small place, and there was so much stuff. I was number 19 and Auntie was 20. They let us in, and all the other people behind us! So there was probably close to 30 that got in. Once we were in, they said the basement was "closed". A lot of the shoppers were really irritated by this because from the pictures posted online  they decided that the good stuff was down there.

One worker said, they couldn't open it until the head lady showed up and they had no idea when she was coming in because she had an appointment that morning. He suggested that we come back tomorrow, so I told Auntie in front of him that was ok, we didn't have to shop any more of their sales-there are plenty of other estate sale companies out there!  ;)

The boss lady arrived about 20 minutes or so after the sale started and she was walking around on the main floor visiting with the dealers. I heard person after person ask "when will the basement be open", so finally she gave in and moved the boxes blocking access and let us down. When we got to the lower level, I noticed that all the items had price stickers on them, but they were all blank-no prices!!!

This has to be the most unorganized estate sale I have ever been to. I was extremely unimpressed with this company! I don't plan to shop any more of their sales (unless it is a sale loaded with vintage goodies and vintage Fiesta-that I couldn't turn down-no matter how unorganized they are).

I picked up these two pillowcases for a dollar each...

We stopped at a few other estate sales, a couple garage sales and a flea market. I picked up some knitting needles for my mom.

Have you ever been to the Flint Flea Market? We weren't impressed-no plans to attend again.

We decided to take the last two sales off our list and stop at a couple of consignment shops in Fenton that we both enjoy and usually find some treasures at. We both really like Fratz Consignment and Garage Sale 360.

This is what I got at Garage Sale 360...

 More Pyrex!!!

Thanks for letting me rant about the unorganized estate sale company-I hope they get their act together! Otherwise, it could really hurt their business!

How did you do today? Did you find any treasures? Did you have any adventures?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Checkin things off my summer wish list...

Remember last winter when I posted my treasure seeking wish list? Then again in the spring, I added another wish list... Well...I did pick up a few things from my lists, but now I've added some things to my lists!

These are the items I can check off my list:
A polka dot bowl set! Although, now I've started the hunt for a different set with different dots!

A vintage poinsettia tablecloth. I actually got 3 this summer, all for right around $1 each!

Chartreuse Fiesta bulb candle holders.
Chartreuse Fiesta Millennium II vase.

Chartreuse Fiesta 15" Pizza Tray.
Vintage Fiesta relish tray with inserts.

 #4 and #1 in a series of 7 vintage Fiesta mixing bowls.

 #403 out of a series of 4 pink Pyrex mixing bowls.They weren't originally on my list, but I'm glad they are now!

#401 out of a series of 4 aqua or turquoise Pyrex mixing bowls.

Plum Fiesta small fluted vase.

Bright vintage tablecloths-there are more than these now, I just don't have a newer photo.

Vintage Christmas ornaments.

I think I did pretty well this summer! I took a HUGE chunk out of my summer wish list, and I had an absolute blast doing it! 

I think I am already starting to go through withdrawals from the lack of garage sales and estate sales, and I am sooo not ready to pay antique shop prices! I've gotten used to the great bargain prices I've found this summer.

Now, I need to search for the rest of the Fiesta mixing bowls (I'd like them in the new design too, but in all different colors),pink and aqua Pyrex bowls, as well as the polka dot bowls to complete all of the sets.

How did you do this summer hunting for the treasures on your wish list?

Friday, October 22, 2010

Fresh Eggs for Sale!!!

Eric's girls are finally laying! He is getting between 5 and 7 eggs a day now and has sold his first dozen! It's exciting when he comes back in from collecting the eggs every day! There is one girl who is laying ginormous eggs, and the rest are laying small pullet eggs to grocery store large size eggs.

When I see how big this egg is compared to the rest, all I can think is "ouch"!

Slim Pickin's...

You can tell summer is over-the garage sales and estate sales are shriveling up! This week there were only 34 sales in our local paper and only 10 in our area. Of those 10, I found 4 that looked promising. The first one was an estate sale in an old Victorian house that had been converted into 3 apartments. The sale was in only one of the apartments and the basement. It was very tiny, (I had to duck and walk hunched over in the basement) and I didn't find a single thing that I couldn't live without!

The next sale was an advertised estate sale, but there were no signs and no cars around the house, so I didn't stop. A local mobile home park has sales in their clubhouse from time to time and that was my third stop. I didn't find anything there either. The last sale was in a senior living condo community. I did get these 3 frames for $1-nothing special, but I think I can use them for a project.

I met Adam for lunch, and then visited our local Salvation Army Thrift Store, and a local consignment shop. This is what I got at S.A.:

 5 napkins for 99 cents.

 A vintage tablecloth-all springy-like.

 A cool vintage-y looking tin for Christmas cookies.

 A vintage Christmas tablecloth.

 A Detroit Tigers NWT Ordonez t-shirt $3.

This is what I got at the consignment store:

It says Spode~England on the bottom. It's purple!

It was a nice sunny day to be out and about, but slim pickin's for the treasure seeker in me!

How did you do this week with your finds?