Saturday, October 23, 2010

Checkin things off my summer wish list...

Remember last winter when I posted my treasure seeking wish list? Then again in the spring, I added another wish list... Well...I did pick up a few things from my lists, but now I've added some things to my lists!

These are the items I can check off my list:
A polka dot bowl set! Although, now I've started the hunt for a different set with different dots!

A vintage poinsettia tablecloth. I actually got 3 this summer, all for right around $1 each!

Chartreuse Fiesta bulb candle holders.
Chartreuse Fiesta Millennium II vase.

Chartreuse Fiesta 15" Pizza Tray.
Vintage Fiesta relish tray with inserts.

 #4 and #1 in a series of 7 vintage Fiesta mixing bowls.

 #403 out of a series of 4 pink Pyrex mixing bowls.They weren't originally on my list, but I'm glad they are now!

#401 out of a series of 4 aqua or turquoise Pyrex mixing bowls.

Plum Fiesta small fluted vase.

Bright vintage tablecloths-there are more than these now, I just don't have a newer photo.

Vintage Christmas ornaments.

I think I did pretty well this summer! I took a HUGE chunk out of my summer wish list, and I had an absolute blast doing it! 

I think I am already starting to go through withdrawals from the lack of garage sales and estate sales, and I am sooo not ready to pay antique shop prices! I've gotten used to the great bargain prices I've found this summer.

Now, I need to search for the rest of the Fiesta mixing bowls (I'd like them in the new design too, but in all different colors),pink and aqua Pyrex bowls, as well as the polka dot bowls to complete all of the sets.

How did you do this summer hunting for the treasures on your wish list?


  1. It's good to see you found some things on your list. I should make a list for next season, they maybe I'd know what I was looking for.
    Other than vintage embroidered hankies, and small teacups, I never really know what I'm looking for. It's usually whatever catches my eye, and now that the garage saleing season is coming to an end, I'm hating it. It's just not as fun to go shopping at stores.

  2. Lovely vintage goodies! Especially the dotty mixing bowls.