Saturday, December 16, 2017

Quick Treasure Hunting Trip!

Last weekend I was busy helping a sweet friend and a few others, to decorate a banquet hall for her daughter's wedding and reception. I was so blessed and happy to be able to help! It looked amazing when we were done!

I didn't do any treasure hunting that weekend, because I was busy decorating for Christmas and baking cookies-after helping decorate for the wedding.

Here are some pics of the reception decorations;

Today, Mr and I were up and out early. I had a few things that I needed to return, then we had the whole day before us! We decided to take a quick trip to the antique and collectibles mall where I used to have my booth. I think it's been close to a year since I've visited.

So many of my favorite dealers have moved out!! Even the girl who took over my booth when I left is gone! While I did find a couple of vintage Fiesta mixing bowls, I was very sad to see how little mid century goodness is available there. It used to be THE place to go, for the best selection of vintage goodies at excellent prices-no so much now.

Now, the place is filled with booth after booth of more of an industrial-type inventory. Much of it doesn't even look old, just made to look old. Since my treasure hunting adventures are getting fewer and farther between, I am going to be very selective on where I spend my time and money. I am going to try to visit places where I can get the most bang for my buck...meaning, where I can see the most variety, of the things I like to look at and buy. It very well may be that I don't visit this particular place for another year.

Here are some pics of the fun things that we saw:

I bought a #3 and a #4 vintage Fiesta mixing bowl, as well as a vintage tablecloth...Mr actually paid for them for me for presents-so I can't show them-they got whisked away to be opened later!

We've spent the rest of the day being lazy, watching Christmas movies, and eating carryout Chinese food-a much needed quiet day!!

Treasure Hunting While the Skies Were Blue!

A Couple of weeks ago, the weather was crazy good! The first weekend in December and the skies were blue and the temperature was in the mid fifties-perfect weather for some much needed treasure hunting!

On Friday, I visited Mega Mall and The Little Red Schoolhouse. I drove around all day with my sunroof open! Soaking in the sunshine and blue skies while I put aside the stressers of work projects and dirty laundry at home!

The next day, Mr went with me to Maumee Antique Mall. We saw LOTS of new dealers, with LOTS of new inventory, and we also saw a LOT of the same old, same old in a lot of booths.

Here are some pics of our adventure:

It was such a lovely day, it sure didn't seem like December in Michigan! Less than two weeks later-it finally seems like December in Michigan! We have about 9" of snow now!

Not old, but I couldn't walk away! Great prices at Maumee Antique Mall!

Found at Swan Creek-not old, but perfect for my sunroom table!

A Maumee find! My second pixieware treasure!!

There is nothing more refreshing than getting away from it all for a few hours, especially when the sun is shining and the skies are blue!!

Friday, December 8, 2017

My 2018 Wish List

Every year, I like to plan ahead and put together a wish list, mostly so I can remember what I am looking for when I'm out treasure hunting, so that I don't come home with something I already have! This year's list is the smallest list ever! I imagine each year it will become less and less. I don't think I'll ever find everything on my list. some things are very rare, and wayyy above my el cheap-o price range.

I over-heard one of my cousins telling someone about my Pyrex and Fiesta display shelves in our sun room the other day. She told the person she was talking to that it looked really nice, kind of like a store display...not like a hoarder at all! That made me laugh. I'm still smiling today as I type this. Especially since that cousin is a total minimalist, who doesn't collect anything!

So here is my list for this year:

See what I mean about not ever finding some of them in my price range? Since I don't get out as often as I used to, if I ever do find some of these things-imagine how exciting and how much FUN it will be!!!