Sunday, May 21, 2017

Amish Flea Market

On Friday I was planning to take a trip to Springfield, Ohio and the Springfield Extravaganza, but the threat of rain scared me off. Rain, plus a 3.5 hour drive there and another 3.5 hours home... And the $10 per person admission-all together sent me in a different direction.

I ended up in Clare at Yoder's Amish Flea Market and Quilt Auction. It was only 2 hours one way and admission was only $1 per car, with no per person charge-such a deal!!

Mr. was off work, so he rode along. He thinks I'm crazy for all of the thrifting adventures that I go on. What can I say, it's cheap entertainment, I get my steps in, and even if you go back to the same places over and over, it's always different. There are always different things and people to see.

I went to this flea last spring, and this year's seemed a lot bigger, with a LOT more shoppers and vendors. It's a mix of old, new, vintage, crafts, plants, and just plain junk. I LOVE that you never know what's going to be there.

There were a lot of vendors that I remembered from last year, but I also saw a lot of new vendors. There was probably half a dozen sunglass booths, and lots of other new things booths. I saw some vendors that I've seen at Midland too.

Yesterday I didn't go anywhere because I've been busy setting up for a garage sale. Today, after church, I went to lunch with my youngest, and it was the first time I've driven my car since Friday.

When we were getting out of the car, my son noticed long blades of grass stuck to the bottom of the front car doors. It was from the "parking area" at the flea.

It was a giant field with only the driving area mowed. The parking area was knee high grass!  It was funny too see the grass stragglers stuck to my car.

I got a few fun things at the flea. The best thing was an Amish woopie pie! It was AMAZING!! I wish I would have bought more!!

My garage sale is next weekend. I'm thinning out some of my collection, liquidating more of my remaining booth inventory and selling a bunch of things for a friend.

My friend has been storing some things in my barn for the past couple of years. It started as a "two month" deal that has now turned into almost 2 years. Last fall, I offered to sell it for her so she wouldn't have to deal with it, and to make Mr. happy by getting it out of his way in the barn. She agreed, so this is the first chance I've had to have a sale.

The weather doesn't look so great for next weekend, I'm hoping it changes between now and then. Otherwise, I might need to have it again the next weekend as well.

June is going to be plenty busy around here...2 bridal showers, a grad party, our anniversary, sand volleyball starting, and our vacation!

Here are some pics from my most recent adventures...

I loved this bowling ball. It was covered in stained glass and only $6...I would have bought it if I had a cart... There was no was to carry it that far.

Horses and donkeys people watching from the pasture, right next to the booths.

The road/path out. Look at that awesome barn!

 I bought these spoon flowers, and I LOVE them!!

Waxing nostalgic with this! I grew up making "snacks" with one of these.

LOOK!!! They are in amazing shape!! Do you think they are honest to goodness vintage? Or repros?

Mr got some axe handles for $1 each!

Last weekend we were in Muskegon for my oldest son's best friend's wedding. It was such a beautiful day! We even got to spend some time on the beach on lake Michigan.

Here is my latest project! What do you think?

Yesterday we were woken up at 7am by some crazy critter. It was in our attic, above our pantry and it was trying to claw its way out of the attic into the pantry.  The guys sealed up the hole and sealed up the probable spot where it got in, but they never saw nor caught the critter... And we've never heard it again. It made  quite​ a mess! 

Here are some pics from setting up the garage sale... I've got tons of vintage Pyrex, vintage and P86 Fiesta, Riviera, Fire King, quilts, vintage material, some vintage Little Golden books, vintage tablecloths, aprons, and a hodge-podge of all kinds of things!!

On the 17th, I'm hosting a bridal shower for my soon-to-be DIL. I can't wait to bless her and our guests with a beautiful and fun day! I'm surprised at how many people aren't attending. I feel bad for her sake, but a small party can also be a lot of fun! 

Some of my girl friends and family are going to help with decorations and food prep, I can't begin to say how blessed and thankful I am for their help! I'm sure I'll have pics to share when it's over. 

Have a great week friends! Happy Hunting!