Friday, March 11, 2011

Elves and a Pixie Bunny...

Today wasn't such a great day for thrifty finds at estate sales-at least for me it wasn't. I did pick up a couple of glass mayo spoons for $1 each and a few knee hugger elfs and a pixie bunny knee hugger (all for $3). I like the little elves, they have cute impish little faces--but the bunny---not so sure. Does anyone know anything about these guys? How old are they? Where were they made, etc.? Look at the one in the middle kicking up his leg-it won't stay down no matter what I do!

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  1. Cute bunny..haven't seen one help from me.

  2. I bought one of those elves last year. I liked him because they look so 50-ish. I think you have to tuck his knee inside of his arms, but I like his little leg sticking up. He's somewhat of an acrobat!~Ames

  3. Those elves are very desired at Christmas! Some call them knee huggers! I think they were from the 50/60's. I love the bunny one, never saw one like that. Thanks for linking to JFF. hugs, Linda