Thursday, March 3, 2011

Creative Friends...

Please send me some ideas as to what to do with this mirror!! I bought it last summer at a garage sale. It was $1.50. I wanted to try Mitzi's project with easy-off and vintage paper, but this mirror has a bevel around the edges so I thought it might not turn out.

 I thought about etching some sort of saying on it, but what would I use?  Let me know what you would do with it...I'm looking for ideas!


  1. Why don't you turn it into a little blackboard (or do you call them chalk boards?)
    I think it would look sweet.

  2. It's easy to etch using contact paper as a stencil and etching cream (from any craft store). You could print on it in large font & cut it out with an exacto knife. OR you could put an etched (or decoupaged) Fiesta pitcher on it!