Thursday, March 24, 2011

Where Has the Time Gone??

I can't believe we are almost at the end of another week and close to the end of another month! My days have been so full, and busy the past few weeks-that I can't even see straight! I haven't even had a chance to catch up with all of the fun things you've been doing or the great treasures you've all found!

After Sunday, one very BIG thing will be off my mind and my list of things to get done...I'm working with our high school youth group and helping them with their mission trip fundraiser dinner. We're planning on serving a chuck wagon BBQ dinner (for 500). Pulled pork sandwiches, potato salad, mac and cheese, baked beans, tossed salad, cornbread, brownies, lemonade, ice tea and water-whew!

The biggest dinner I've ever done was for 1800, but I had a team of wonderful, seasoned adult helpers to pull it off...this time...I have 25 teenagers-some of whom have never had to cook or handle food -other than eat it- YIKES!

Next week also is the end of one of the volleyball leagues I play in. The other 3 nights that I play all end the end of April or the middle of May-so the light is at the end of the tunnel there too! When volleyball starts up in the fall and early winter-it is sooo much fun that 4 nights a week doesn't seem like much...but by mid starts wearing. It's great exercise-and it sure beats the treadmill, but I'll be glad to have a break!

I didn't realize how crazy my weeks are until today when my friend drew my attention to it! I did get to a couple of sales today (I had today off since I'm working all day Saturday and all day Sunday for the fundraiser dinner). One was a LOT of fun! It was wayy out in farm country. I got a few treasures, some to keep, some to sell. Am I the only one who seems to keep more than I sell, or do you find that happens to you too?

It was kind of a funny day because as I was going back to the garage after stowing my treasures from the house in the car, a guy walked up to me and said, "It's Kim...right?" I was racking my brain trying to place his face...and I got nothing. Next, he said, " don't remember me? It's me, Ben (he said his last name, but I'd never heard it before). I was kind of shaking my head-feeling horrible that I didn't recognize him, he was obviously hurt that I didn't...he said again "It's me...Ben." Then he said, "You're Kim Parker, right?" Ahhh, there was the ding, ding, ding, I'd been waiting for! No, I'm not Kim Parker-whew! He was so relieved! His feelings were starting to get hurt that I didn't remember him-since he and Kim Parker had grown up going to school together. We laughed, and I told him it was nice to meet him. I told him I lived about an hour away. Then he got all embarrassed for his mistake. We kind of laughed it off and went our separate ways.

How funny is that?!?! Isn't that weird that he got the first name right?? What are the odds of something like that happening-with the correct first name like that?? Have you ever had that happen to you? Or have you ever been mistaken for someone else? When I got home, I tried looking the other Kim up on facebook, and tried Googling her, but I think Parker must be a married name-because I didn't have any luck. I hope when he does run into her, that she remembers him and is happy to see him and gives him a great big hug-or at least a warm handshake!

These are the fun things I got today...can you guess what I'm keeping and what I'm selling?

A little individual syrup container.

 A funny little tray.

 A cute little picture.

 Anchor Hocking juice carafe and 2 glasses.

 A Michigan glass.

 Three butterfly gold casseroles with lids-perfect condition!

 Four awesome, never worn sheer aprons. Two still have the original price tags!

A huge box of Texasware-pink with sweet white flowers.

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