Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hmmm...Maybe auctions aren't so bad after all!

This jar was at the bottom of a box lot that I got last Saturday at the all day auction. I was pretty excited to see it because it has glass threads on the jar and the lid. I've never seen a glass lid with threads before. I went online to see what I could find out about it and this is what I found...

It is from 1900 and it is a Flaccus Brothers Steers Head glass pint fruit jar. There are a few listed on Ebay right now and a few of them have sold between $55 and $110 each!

I also found out some information on the die-cast cars I found in the bottom of the is made by Barclay Toys, it is called US Motor Unit, it is a 1940 truck with rubber wheels-and is valued at about $35.

 The other is made in England, by Lesney-a series called Models of Yesteryear. It is a 1926 Bugatti and it is numbered (No. 6). This one is valued at around $30.

The amethyst cordial glasses look to be Heisey, and possibly the Charter Hawthorne pattern. They are around $40 for the set of 4. 

The little orange jug looks to be Taylor Davenport. It is pretty rare and hard to find, and could be worth as much as $95.

Not bad for a bunch of junk thrown into a box and called a box lot! 


  1. I would love a box lot like that well done you Its fun looking things up too isnt it?

  2. Wow, well done! I have always wanted to try out the of these days.

  3. Very nice finds (especially bottom of box surprises like the two little vehicles and the extremely old sealer.
    - Joy

  4. Wow, what a great box lot! I usually find junk in the bottom of our box lots @ our local auction house.