Friday, October 7, 2011

Kinda Discouraged...Kinda Blah!

Things have been crazy around here for a while now. It seems like we are always on the go, to this place or that. Or something is always going on or happening. Last week, Adam got into a fender-bender with a pontoon boat of all things! He's ok, he slid on some grass clippings that someone mowing their lawn shot out into the street, and couldn't stop. Pontoon boats do not make good hood ornaments for tiny little Saturns!

After the dust settled, we found out our insurance company wants him off our policy or they will dump us. He found new insurance and even with his fender benders and one speeding ticket, they are less than when he was on our policy! They also want my name off of his car. I messed up the title when I was signing it over to him and since it says it isn't acceptable if it has been scratched off-I had to go to the secretary of state today. I didn't stick around when I saw that there were over 40 people in line in front of me. That will have to be another day.

My parents were here last weekend. It was a quick trip for them to come down for my uncle's surprise 70th birthday party. We did the usual Costco run and other errands that they can't do up in the U.P., and my mom even went in with me to dealer day at the antique mall and helped me fluff, straighten and add in more stuff.

I went back in this morning as soon as they opened to straighten stuff since it had been almost a week, and nothing looked touched at all!! I haven't been having good sales so far this month, so I am discouraged. One of the other dealers told me I'm being to hard on myself that it IS just the 7th of the month. The last two months have been so incredible that I've made my rent in the first week and the rest of the month I've been able to breathe easy.

I've been wondering if I should start slashing my prices...I walked around the whole mall today, and everyone's booths look really full and not messed up at all-just like mine. So I wonder if sales are a little slow for everyone, or did they all just came in last night and fixed their booths up? ;)

I've also been putting in a lot of extra hours at work the past month, so I've had less time for treasure seeking, and blog hopping. I have peeked at a few of my favorite blogs here and there, but I need some time to really catch up.

Kevin and Adam left last night for my parent's house. They called a couple of hours ago and they are on the North Country Trail north of Taquamenon Falls hiking. I'm surprised the call even went through! Adam just got a certified letter letting him know he was accepted into the Honor's Nursing Program ( 2 years at Washtenaw Community College + 2 years at Eastern Michigan University)! We're pretty excited for him. There were only 16 spots and he was #1 on the list! Then he plans to continue on to become a nurse anesthetist.

Eric and I are enjoying having the house to ourselves for the weekend. We went out to dinner last night and were really bad and got Dairy Queen on the way home! Sometimes you just gotta spoil your kids and make them feel special-right? He really enjoyed it-he got to pick where we went and he got to pick whatever he wanted. He's growing up too fast! There is no way I can be old enough to have a 20 year old and a 17 year old! I don't care what my driver's license says!!! :)

We got his senior pictures back, and they weren't edited like we thought they would be, and since it was a friend who took them for free (she's a professional photographer that does AMAZING work), I don't feel right in asking for them to be edited.

Maaannn! I feel like Eyeore today! Sorry for whining! I did stop at a couple of sales on my way home today from the booth, I got a few things, but it's a lonnnng way from a good haul.

Four Kitchen Kraft Mexican theme bowls, a matching dishtowel, a copper cake carrier,
 a striped appetizer dish and a dime purple bottle. 

I must be in a funk of some sort, I feel kinda blah...and discouraged. More than just the booth-On a good note, a couple of people that I've been praying for have had their prayers answered!

I picked up a couple of books at the library today-I'm off to drool over the pictures & lounge in the hammock and soak up the 80 degree, blue sky gorgeousness!

Tomorrow I might be helping a friend set up her uncle's house for an estate sale...then volleyball in the evening. The rest of the weekend, is open and quiet-so hopefully some down time will wear off the blues.

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. Sounds like my life a little. Just busy and things going wrong here and there but nothing major. I am feeling blah but hoping it will pass. Hang in there, lots of good things happen in October!

  2. Our sales were down this past month too, maybe it's just the time of year. Hoping things pick up for you.

  3. I just started reselling because I found some valuable items at thrifts. Now, not much else is selling and it is frustrating! I am sure things will turn around though, it is kind of a weird time where people are maybe starting to think about saving for the holidays?