Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fall Fun...

I sold a big bench on Wednesday, but because of work, volleyball and family stuff, I wasn't able to get anything to the booth until yesterday morning. I had to bribe Adam with lunch out for him to help me load up a giant white chippy dresser and help me carry it in to the booth. I didn't realize how expensive Burger King has gotten-LOL!

A large sized double whopper with cheese and guacamole combo was $8.89-and I don't even want to imagine the fat and calories. It's a good thing he is 20 and has a speedy metabolism! I guess that really wasn't a bad price to pay for his delivery services...I also got to spend an hour with him when he wasn't distracted by t.v., his computer, video games or friends-so it was definitely worth it!

Last night when I logged on to see what my sales were for the day, I noticed that the dresser had already SOLD! Woooo Hoooo! I could have probably put a higher price on it, but it went for 5 times what I paid for it, so I was thrilled. Until I realized I needed to hurry up and get back there with another piece of furniture to take its place, and to clean up the mess on the floor from all the stuff I had displayed on the dresser!

This time Kevin was my delivery helper. His delivery fee? A blueberry pie. Whew! That one will be easy, and we already have all of the ingredients, so no extra cost to me! Eric offered to be my delivery guy today-he was craving KFC-LOL! I don't think I'll have any trouble finding delivery help among my guys from here on out-food seems to be the magic payment!

While we were at the booth, the boys decided to make candy apples...we didn't have any shortening, so they threw in butter...which immediately burned because the candy liquid was so hot. Now our house STINKS like burnt candy, the apples are AWFUL (hope the deer will eat them), my pot is probably ruined and more than likely the spoon, cookie sheet and measuring cup are ruined as well. Sigh...boys!!

I'm sitting in the sun room, where it is a little chilly, but the air is so much more pleasant! Eric is off at Walmart picking up more apples, some caramels, vanilla ice cream and a case of Mountain Dew. Sugar overload & gearing up for round 2 I guess!

I went to a couple of sales yesterday. One of them was at the house of a friend from wayyyyy back. I thought it might be her address when I saw it in the ad and was happy that it turned out that it was! We used to be really close, she kind of was a mentor to me as a young mom. We did a lot of Bible studies together when my boys were really young, but kind of drifted apart when her family switched churches. We both just got busy in a lot of different things and lost track of each other. We caught up a little yesterday, and she gave me a cd that her youngest daughter recorded.

I didn't buy anything from my friend, but I did buy a few things at other sales. I think it was a pretty good day. I did drive about a half an hour to an estate sale, that I probably should have skipped. I got there at 2:00 and there wasn't even a dent on any table in the whole house! The street was lined with cars and it was packed with people inside...What does that tell you? Yep! Prices were waayyyyyyy to high. Ridiculously high. Even if they have a half off day, their prices are still too high.

Today we had someone come out to give us a quote on heating the sun room. Hopefully it won't be too outrageous. I really love that room, and want to use it all year round. Right now it is kind of half family living space, half staging area for booth stuff.

Here is what I picked up yesterday:

 A nice big piece of vintage fabric, a brown Wilendur tablecloth ($1), a roll keeper, and some corn holders. Are they bakelite?

 Here's a close up-sorry about the flash.

 A vintage corner shelf in gold and black.

 A full box of the little foil flowers that go around the older, larger Christmas lights.

 A box of old ornaments $1-for all.

 A new Carrom game with all the wooden pieces $1.

 A framed piece of an antique quilt. Look at the circle on the right side-it looks like a little label from the top of a spool of thread and right next to it is a needle with pink thread. $2.

 A set of 7 canning jar-like drinking glasses with fruit painted on them-free!

 A plate to plant in the flower bed next spring, an apron and a hanky-$1.50 for all.

What's that peeking out from under all of the junk treasures? Another enamel top table? Why yes, yes it is...only $12---annnnnd I don't have to paint this one-it is already nicely painted!

Now I just have to get busy and finish a vanity table, and a china cabinet so that I will be ready and waiting for the buffet to sell-and not get caught by surprise like I did when the bench and the dresser sold.  I feel like a nap though...but dinner needs to be made, and we have to be at volleyball by nap today!

How was your weekend? Did you find any good junk treasures? I'm heading to your blog next to catch up and see what you've been doing/finding-just as soon as I pop some chicken into the oven!


  1. I'm so happy your booth is doing well. You found some good stuff! Love that table!

  2. Not much in the way of treasures for me but I am loving that red and white table and framed quilt peice of yours.
    Well done on your sales too x

  3. Wow -- good for you for selling your dresser so fast! You'd better get busy with more furniture...
    You found some great stuff today. The framed quilt is really interesting.

  4. All in all a successful day then! That's really nice meeting up with that old friend! I love it when that happens!

  5. Thanks for visiting my post today.I love the framed quilt piece (with the threaded needle/spool paper label added. You have been very busy, productive. Enjoyed reading/looking at your post today.
    - Joy