Saturday, September 24, 2011

Was it a Wasted Day?

I had planned to go to the booth first thing this morning to add some stuff, clean and straighten it some and then hit a sale or two and then head to the big sale at Williamston Antiques...Then I found an ad for an estate sale just a few miles away, and an auction a little further away.

At the estate sale I got...

I also got a couple of old brass and crystal lamps, that didn't make it in from the car yet!

Then Kevin and I went to an auction. I've been DYING to go to one for a lonnnng time. We used to go every week when the boys were little and it was cheap entertainment for us. We got some cheap treasures, and had a fun time.

I forgot how long auctions take! There was about 140-150 people there and it was at a hall that was PACKED with mostly junk. There were some good things mixed in, but mostly flea market junk. I went because the ad said "Fiesta collection". It was all post 86 Fiesta (made after 1986), and there wasn't much of it. After sitting there for 3 1/2 hours I finally asked one of the runners to ask the auctioneer if he would sell the Fiesta.

They did, and only the back up auctioneer was bidding against me-probably because they didn't want it to go so low. I got the pieces I wanted and flew out the door to the car. Kevin waited out there almost the entire time-he got bored inside, so he went out to read his book.

I think the prices were ok, but not fantastic. I got some harder to find pieces that will be good for the booth, so for that I am happy, but when I add up the cost of the gas, and the time I just sat there watching junk go for crazy high prices....I wonder if it was worth it after all.

I saw another couple from the antique mall where I have my booth. They really loaded up on one pattern of vintage china. I thought they paid way too much, but they seemed thrilled with their pieces. I can't imagine that they could make a profit at the prices they paid, because I've seen some of the pieces they bought in our mall and others for the same price.

I think I'll try a couple more auctions to make up my mind, but so far I think garage sales and estate sales are out-weighing auctions. I get a LOT more stuff in a lot less time, and I get better prices! This auctioneer wouldn't sell anything less than $3, and a lot of things he said "No interest? Then we'll move on" and the items didn't sell.

When we left, they still had about half again as much stuff to sell! I don't think I would ever sit for 8 hours at an auction-no matter how much I wanted the stuff!

Here is the Fiesta I got today...

What do you think? Was it a wasted day? Do you like auctions? Do you have any tips for me since I am (for now) attending them as a reseller and not just someone looking for cheap stuff and cheap entertainment? The box lots at this sale were stuff I would have just thrown away, I can't believe they were selling that stuff!


  1. love the fiesta ware egg plate. There is an auction I love to go to with my friend...and yes there is junk there BUT mixed in are some good things. Last time my friend told me we were staying to the end. They started selling entire tables for $1. I took off what I wanted and told an antique dealer they could have the rest. My car was loaded for $30. Got pyrex bowls and mccoy pottery etc

  2. I always like the Scarlet Fiesta, so I like the egg plate. It seems like a lot of sitting around waiting for just one lot to come up. Still, I don't know if I'd call it a wasted day -- it's a little knowledge & experience gained!

  3. I've never been to an auction but I imagine it's fun! I like the look of the pieces you bought- they are lovely colours!

  4. love the light bulb mugs, now that box that the light fixtures came in might be worth something, looks German to me, I really like it