Sunday, September 4, 2011

All loaded up...

Here is the red thingy, whatchamacallit thing that I posted about in my last post. You all gave some great ideas as to what it might be-thanks! I think I'll just use it for a while to hang some of my vintage tablecloths on. I was worried that I might not have enough to put on it-ha! Once I got into the cabinet where I store them, I was shocked to find how many I've collected this past year! I had no idea I had so many! I just keep picking them up when I find them for cheap. I'll have to pull them all out sometime and take a picture.


  1. The linens look lovely on your "new" display!! It has been a slow year for me as far as finding tablecloths!! Have a great evening.

  2. It looks perfect for displaying your pretty linens!
    Deb :)

  3. Looks gorgeous! I can't believe I have only just discovered vintage linen, I bet I have passed up so many great potential finds in the past. Sherry :)

  4. That just looks great! I hope you'll post a tablecloth count and some pictures when you get them all out!