Friday, September 9, 2011

Another Busy Day!

I was able to get to a couple of sales this morning, although I didn't get an early start! I didn't leave the house until almost 9. There were two houses right next door to each other that were about 2 miles from my house that were having sales. One of the houses used to belong to the brother of the old farmer that used to live down our road. He passed away a few years ago well into his 90's, and his brother passed more recently.

One of my fondest memories of our elderly neighbor was hearing a car honking all the way up the hill of our driveway. We live on a dead end dirt road with only 3 houses and lots of cornfields, so it was always startling when someone would pull into the driveway, not to mention honking all the way up!

When we would run out to see what was going on, he'd be sitting there waiting for us and would usually have my empty dishes to hand back (I used to cook more than what we needed for dinner and take him dinner 3 or 4 nights a week for a while-until I found out he didn't need it, because half of the county cooked him meals and baked him desserts every week!). A lot of weeks in the summer he would pop the trunk on his car and tell me, he had a six pack for me in the back.

His "six pack" was a cardboard 6 pack beer bottle carrier-filled with 6 ears of sweet corn! I miss him a lot! His house sits vacant and we have to drive past it to get to ours. He set his field on fire one year with his burning barrel when it was too windy to burn. It was really scary for several hours-we could have lost our house had the fire jumped the road! Kudos to the 5 fire departments who kept it on the opposite side of the road!

The second sale was right next door and I've been to a sale there a couple of years ago. I've been hoping for a couple of years that they would have a sale again, because they have great stuff at GREAT prices. I almost hyperventilated when I parked in their yard! (kidding! My heart did pound a bit harder though!)

I filled my car at their sale! Within a half an hour, I had my car loaded and had to head for home! They were flabbergasted that I bought so much. I was thrilled with what I got and the prices I got it for! Wanna see what I got?

This is from the first sale:
 A pair of vintage napkins-looks like they were never used!

 A pile of vintage hankies! LOVE vintage hankies!!

The tablecloth that matches the napkins-it was definitely used-it is faded a bit.

This is what I got at the second sale:

 An old iron twin bed-with side rails. I've always wanted one of these-but really have no place for it. Should I save it for when the boys move out? Or should I put it in the booth to sell?

 This is a wood shelf that curves-not liking the gold too much...wonder what color would look better...

 A set of 4 of these chippy, rusty darlings. Not crazy about the seats-I'm thinking something much brighter and cheerier.

 An old wicker bed tray.
 A canister and bread box set-the whole set was $4!

 A child's rocker-I've sold one already in the booth-it went within a week! Hopefully this one will go as fast!

 I just love the bright colors on this! Plus I am missing our girls. They were a lot of work, but they sure were entertaining to have around!

 A little jam jar?

 I'm looking forward to reading this! From 1965.  It was only fifty cents!

This is from the town I grew up in! There are two of them.

I have no idea what this is! LOL! I just thought it looked interesting and my mind is spinning with possibilities! Do you know what it is? Would you buy it?

I had to run home and unload before I could head to the other two sales on my list for the day! The next sale was an estate sale. I saw the pictures on, and the stuff looked pretty dirty. I was right, it was pretty dirty. I got a few things, but this wasn't one of them!
I had to take a picture of this! I couldn't believe my eyes! $25 for a Scrabble game? Really? 

This Fiesta tumbler was only $1.

I had a set of the old lawn Jarts (or darts-depending on where you are from) in my hands and was looking around and one of the workers came and took them away and said someone else was already buying them. Bummer!!! They were only $1! I didn't even see a pile, but as I gave them up a man further in the garage thanked her for watching out for his stuff. 

 The creamer is actually from yesterday-on my way home from work-fifty cents!

I stopped for a quick minute today at a charity thrift store and picked up this tablecloth-I love the bold red with the white stripe! 

I picked up a few things yesterday that got mixed in...
 I didn't even know there were glasses in this pattern-did you?? Underneath is a gravy boat and under plate.

 A small refrigerator dish.

 More Pyrex!!!

A couple of floral prints that I think are older than their frames.

Yesterday and today were quick little trips squeezed in between running errands for the family and doing other mom stuff. It was short but sweeeeeeeeeeet! Did you get out yesterday or today? I'm heading to your blog next to see what you did or found!!

I'm linking up to Stephanie's linky party at Junker Newbie for Would You Buy it Wednesday -hoping to see if anyone would have bought the rusty metal stand thing, and if anyone knows what it is!!


  1. Well the "what is it" I believe is a plant stand or TV stand. And yes I would buy it because I did. I use it on our patio during the summer months for an end table. Love your finds. LuAnn

  2. I agree with LuAnn -- my guess would be a plant stand. It doesn't look sturdy enough to hold a TV, but you never know.

  3. The bed I would keep it if I had found it I am in LOVE.Tho I do have one in storage that I bought when I was 18 and just cant let go of.
    You sure had a great feast today.

  4. Great finds you have there! I bet that Housekeeping Hints book will be interesting.

  5. I love Heloise! My grandma used to send me clippings from her.