Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

(Cue the music to the song "Wild Thing")...Free box....I think I love you! (I couldn't come up with a Christmas song to match my excitement!)

I went to a sale today, that I almost skipped because it was kind of off the beaten path and a little out of the way. I am sooooo glad I decided to go! I only had a short amount of time when I got off work until I had to take Eric to get his formal senior picture taken, so I was trying to keep it within just a couple of miles of my work and my house.

This sale was about 15 minutes away, in the next town. It was in a sleepy little sub with nary a single car drifting down the road (notice- trying to stick with the Christmas theme?). I walked up and stopped first at the free boxes (there were 2). I found so many awesome things in the free boxes that I had to ask if I could set it all down somewhere so I could still look!

I could feel them chuckling at me when I wasn't looking. Have you ever felt that when you were at a sale and found the good stuff? I wasn't hooting and hollering, but I sure was smiling...and I guess, loading up on stuff. The sale was being run by a couple who looked to be in their late sixties and the stuff they were selling was from an older lady whom I'm guessing was the mother of the woman, and I'd say she was in her mid to late 80's.

She was soo sweet! She looked a lot like my grandma who just passed a little over a month ago, except there was one huge difference, she just had an air of kindness and sweetness about her. I'm not being mean or talking ill of the deceased-just stating a fact.

She collects cat figurines and anything cat related-but doesn't have real cats! She said she's been collecting figurines since she was 16 and she has over 16,000! Over 85 cat magnets on her fridge! Will my Fiesta collection be that large by the time I'm her age? Yikes! Scary thought!

Enough talking-show the stuff--right??
 These beauties weren't in the free box, but they were a steal of a deal!

 A chenille full size bedspread-can you see the price on the sticker? Yup-$2!!! SWEET!

 A red vintage tablecloth in the lower left corner under a pile of doilies, a free kitty tin a bunch of Christmas decorations for free or ten cents each, knitting needles-the whole lot for twenty cents, a vintage purse and a vintage bar towel for a dime!

Here are some close up shots of the wonderful ornaments!

Purple stripes??? LOVE it!!!
I'm hoping that we will be buying the wood for the built in bookcases this weekend-so maybe soon I'll have some pics to show our progress!


  1. I am DYING to find some Christmas stuff - you hit the Motherlode! Woohooo!

    And, you know I understand the whole G'ma thing.

  2. You found some awesome Christmas ornaments. I want some so much but they seem to be so overpriced around here. Maybe one of these days.

  3. did great! I love the Christmas ornaments! I'm hoping to find some good finds this next weekend....our thrift stores and yard sales haven't been much lately. I hate walking away empty handed.

  4. Time very well spent - great finds. Great era finds. Congrats.

  5. Oh my I am drooling! THe vintage! and the bedspreas...oh my!

  6. $2.00 is an awesome price for that chenille! Nice ornaments. I never see them around here!