Friday, September 2, 2011

Great Day of Thrifting...

I got a late start this morning. We were expecting a guy to come and pick up Eric's ducks at 8:30, and by 9:15 he still wasn't here! He finally showed up about 10, and the ducks are off to their new home. He was thrilled to get them. He was raising ducks and chickens and it seems there was an animal hoarder who lived near him with 80 cats, numerous goats, horses, and any other animals she collected.

The problem was, she abandoned them! They got hungry...started wandering...saw his dinner! He was pretty upset as you can imagine-they were his pets. So, he was very happy to have ours come to live on his property. The hungry, hoarded animals have been removed, so these should be safe.

I went to a church sale in the town I grew up in. It was at a tiny little church and when I pulled up (about 45 minutes after it started), there looked to be about 100 cars in the yard, in the parking lot, on the road-cars were everywhere! They had a big room (probably 30x40) with tables of stuff that was really picked bare.

They had another smaller room with more clothes than most department stores carry and a small barn with some furniture. I picked up a shabby, chippy white dresser, a pewter creamer, an orange art glass ruffle bowl, some blue toile (newer) valances, and two chalkware wall hanging lamps (Jesus and Mary).

This is still in my car! The boys are too busy spreading a load of gravel on our driveway right now to help me take it out.

Then I headed off to an estate sale. I got within a mile of the sale, and the road was closed! I had to back-track and go in another way, but I finally go there. Had I gotten there earlier, I probably would have missed running into my Dad's cousin Leona and her neighbor! I was so excited to see her walking down the driveway, I ran right up to her and gave her a HUGE hug!

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you might remember that I ran into her at a sale last summer in the same town. She just turned 89 and LOVES, LOVES, LOVES garage sales! It must run in the family genes because I have an Aunt who  absolutely loves them too!

The lady running the estate sale, was selling off her mom's stuff, and you could tell she was weary, and sad. Nothing was priced, she said just make a reasonable offer. I was picking through stuff, just enjoying the treasure hunt when I heard an older woman walk up and yell, "Is this the sale for that woman that died?"

The daughter sighed and quietly said, "Yes, I am selling my mother's stuff. She passed in November." The big mouth yelled to whomever was with her "See, I told you it was the sale of the woman that died!" I was at the back of the garage, and they were way down the driveway at the tables, and I kept willing her to say "I'm sorry for your loss" to the lady running the sale. I was thinking in my head, c'mon...say it...c'mon tell her you're sorry...c'mon...She never did. Instead she yelled "How much did ya want for the end tables?" "Hooo-eeee, I gotta sit down!" "You got somewhere I can sit?"

The lady running the sale got up off of the chair she was on and gave it to the woman-who never even said thanks. Some people...can be so...insensitive, rude, uncaring...and hurtful! I don't even think she realized it either.

When I was done, I had her look my stuff over and asked her to give me a price (which was more than fair). She was happy and I was too. I told her I was sorry for her loss, and she was soo appreciative for someone to CARE. She told me a little about her mom and her dementia, and I told her I could relate, because we just lost my grandma on the 8th of August.

I hit a few more sales on the route back home. One was in a backyard ( a former dealer was liquidating his stuff-prices were about half of the going rates, but still too high for my cheap wallet), one was in a basement (that smelled so much like moth balls that my hair absorbed some of the smell-ewwww! They invited me back in two weeks for their Christmas/Halloween/Easter sale! It might take that long to get that scent out of my nostrils and hair! I hate that smell! My grandma used to use moth balls---bleh!

I got a bunch of great stuff for the booth today, nothing sparks my interest enough to keep. Here is what I picked up...

 My first vintage picnic basket! Filled with smelly, moth ball scented items!

 A chalkware hanging Mary lamp, and a Jesus lamp too!

 A wicker lampshade- I love wicker!

 An orange art glass pedestal bowl with black trim.

 A Valentine's apron and hanky, an amethyst pitcher, a yellow Pyrex chip bowl, some vintage ornaments, a couple of cups and saucers, a cream and sugar set a couple of old books, a cow creamer, a set of un-embroidered linens and a Christmas tablecloth.
 This box of Christmas plates, mugs and tablecloth was given to me by a co-worker. It was her mother's, and it was given to her daugher-in-law, who didn't want it and gave it back to my co-worker who didn't want it, and said "Here, you take it."

These I got last weekend, just didn't have time to post about them. The stool is PERFECT for my vanity table (if I ever get enough time to get it done, so I can put it in the booth!).

Where o where has my time gone?!? I can't believe how fast the days and weeks, and even months are going!!!

Hope you were able to get out and get some fun stuff! I'm heading over to your blog now to catch up! Thanks for stopping by!!!

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  1. You sure did well.
    I dont get people like that loud mouthed obnoxious lady either some people are so self absorbed.
    Least you said something nice just shows how caring you are xx