Monday, September 12, 2011

Visited a New Place on Saturday...

On our way to Kevin's sister's house on Saturday to say farewell to our nephew Nick (he leaves tomorrow for the Coast Guard), we stopped in White Lake at the Fisk Farm Festival. The Fisk Farm is right in front of Walmart on M-59. I've seen the signs the past couple of summers and have wondered what it was all about.

Well, now I will wonder no more! You can visit their website to see more information if you are interested. It's a festival that they have been holding since 1986, and it is their main fundraiser of the year. It was $1 per person to enter, and there were lots of fun things for little kids to do as well as a few people with tables selling stuff. There was even a kettle corn booth-but $8 was out of my price range for a bag of kettle corn!

It was interesting going into the old buildings and looking around. There were even some women dressed in period clothing. In on building they were peeling apples and making fresh apple pies! They were selling slices out of the back door. They smelled delish-but we didn't want to ruin our appetite for dinner at his sister's house-especially since I brought Greek pasta salad and death by chocolate!

Here are a couple of pics I took. Sorry about the quality-cell phones aren't the best-especially when you are in a hurry!
 Fresh apple pie cooling on an old hoosier!

Alpacas-they liked the people at the other end of the fence better than us!

There was only one lady selling stuff that might have been interesting, but it wasn't old enough. I was hoping it would be a BIG festival with LOTS of vendors like Greenmead-at least now I know! It still would be a fun afternoon family outing if you had small kids though-so if you are in the area, and have small kids-check it out!!

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  1. Sounds like you had fun! Those apple pies would have made me hungry!