Monday, September 19, 2011

So, How Did I Do?

Back in April I posted my "Summer 2011 Wishlist". A list of things I was hoping to find over the summer at garage sales, flea markets and estate sales. Here is what I posted that I would be looking for with updates-showing what I got...
               ~Vintage brightly colored tablecloths
               ~Vintage Fiesta #7 mixing bowl (2)
               ~Vintage Fiesta #6 mixing bowl (2)
               ~Vintage Fiesta #5 mixing bowl (2)
               ~Vintage Fiesta #3 mixing bowl (2)
               ~Vintage Fiesta #2 mixing bowl (2)
               ~Vintage Fiesta #1 mixing bowl (1)
               ~Vintage Harlequin ball jugs/pitchers-all colors except orange, yellow and green
               ~Vintage Harlequin dishes and serving pieces
               ~Vintage Riviera dishes and serving pieces
               ~Edwin Knowles Yorktown dishes and serving pieces
               ~Brightly colored vintage dishtowels
               ~Aqua/Turquoise vintage Pyrex mixing bowls (404, 403 & 402)
               ~Vintage Pink Pyrex mixing bowl #404
               ~Vintage Fiesta pitchers, tea pots, and carafes
               ~Swanky Swigs-florals, stripes, and dots
               ~Amethyst blown glass rolling pin
               ~Vintage glass Christmas ornaments
               ~Vintage Fiesta and Harlequin shakers
               ~Vintage Kitchen Kraft items
               ~An old wooden school chair (desk size)

I think I did pretty good! I am glad I made the list so I could go back and cross things off-it makes me see how much I did find!

Some things I added to my list during the summer are:
     ~Vintage Sheet Music
     ~Vintage Furniture
     ~Vintage Picture Frames
     ~Colored Bottles
It's been a big, fun treasure hunt! I can't wait to see what I find over the fall and winter months. I wonder if I'll even have a wishlist for next summer... :)


  1. You did GREAT! I haven't found anything on my wishlist yet - but honestly, the GOOD yard sales will really get rolling here in the next month, so I have my fingers and toes double crossed.

  2. I think you have done great finding your specific items! That's a successful summer in my book!

  3. You did really well, I think I need to start a list of my own as it is garage sale season coming up here in Australia! Ye ha! Sherry :)

  4. You are doing really good ! I should make a wish list, you have inspired me .