Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Bargain Day

I was able to sneak out to a couple of sales today, but couldn't make a day of it because we were waiting to pick up Adam's car at the repair shop.  I spent the rest of the day soaking and ironing linens. I really HATE ironing! I have avoided it at all costs most of my life-and now that I plan to sell some of my hoarded tablecloths, I have to iron them better. I think I stink at ironing too!

Every time I get the iron out it makes me chuckle because I remember when we were doing a craft night at church with the kids, wayyyy back when Eric was probably kindergarten or so and we were ironing a design on to a white t-shirt that the kids would then paint.

We brought our iron in and my friend Mary was in charge of ironing, once each child picked their design. Eric was waiting in line and he looked at her and said, "That's our iron." She made some polite comment back and then he said, "We only use it on Sunday mornings." Out of the mouths of babes! My secret was out! LOL!

I've got several tablecloths, aprons, and hankies ready to go to the booth, as well as a couple I need to take pictures of to send to a blog friend who might be interested in them. I think I've ended my search for vintage tablecloths after all that soaking and ironing!!

Here is what I got today...

A felt Christmas tree with jingle bells and mini ornaments, a glasses carrier, a lamp, a ceramic bean pot, a picture frame, an Ohio Art barn, a wire flower frog, a blue bird, a pair of JAPAN pig salt & pepper shakers, a candlewick coaster and candle holder, a Lariat coaster, a yellow bow hat with netting, a black feather headband hat with netting, a candlewick cream and sugar set, a green juice bottle, a pair of crocheted hot pads with red roses, a pair of Japan egg cups that say "Eat Michigan Eggs", a bandanna apron, a strawberries apron, a pink and white crocheted hot pad, and two pieces of blue carnival glass.

What do you think the most expensive thing was? How much do you think the most expensive thing was? Would you believe the most I paid for any of these items was $1.50? It was a tie between the two carnival glass items. The rest was between a quarter and a dollar each-with most of the items being five, twenty five, or fifty cents!!!

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