Monday, September 5, 2011

Vintage Tablecloth Addiction

After the post with some of my vintage tablecloths hanging on the red rack thingy, I decided I really should go through my cabinet and see what I have. It is such a deep cabinet that I can fit two rows of tablecloths on each of the 4 shelves. I had the rear stacks full and the front stacks looked small so I didn't even have a clue as to how many I actually have!

Is there such a thing as vintage tablecloth hoarding? My favorites were always in the front and I use them all the time, just rotating between about 8-10 of them on our table. I bought a piece of heavy clear plastic to put over them from JoAnn, so my guys don't ruin them, yet I still get to enjoy them.

Once I get tired of a particular pattern, I just whip it off to the washer and pop on another one from the stack. I kept using the same ones over and over, not realizing how deep the cabinets were or how many more there were to choose from! I think some of these will probably find their way to the booth in the near future. I mean really, who can use 58 everyday tablecloths and 12 Christmas tablecloths?

I already parted with a few earlier this summer, and added them to the booth. They just were repeats or not my style when I bought them so off they went. If I would have kept them, I would have another 10 everyday and 2 Christmas cloths!

Considering I got my very first vintage tablecloth and posted about it on March 12, 2010, I'd say I've had pretty good success in finding them! the very first one was the most expensive, I think it was $12. All of the others have been from a quarter to $4, with most of them being $1 or less.

I used to be totally paranoid about stains and wouldn't even look at them if there was a stain-until I found Biz! Now, no matter how big the stains, if the price is right, I snatch it up. The one thing I do stay away from is holes. I won't buy it if there are holes-a couple have snuck by me in my haste to snatch up a good bargain, but   I've done pretty well to stay away from them.

Well, there you have it. My dirty little secret is out. I'm a vintage tablecloth hoarder! Along with being a vintage Fiesta hoarder, and a Pyrex hoarder, and an amethyst depression glass hoarder...sigh! I think I need some swift thrifting therapy-I'm heading to the nearest garage sale, yard sale, estate sale or thrift store right away!! :)

Now it's your turn! How many tablecloths do you have? Do you use them? Display them? Are you interested in joining my 12 step program for vintage tablecloth addictions? It involves LOTS of serious thrifting "therapy"...


  1. WOW!!!! I'm jealous!!! Would you every sell them to a blogging gal???
    I would be interested...I'm trying to find some that will fit my 30X60 oval table and they are hard to find!!! I'm so with you about "hoarding" LOL!!
    Deb :)

  2. That's a crazy pile of tablecloths! I can remember the first time you bought one and you weren't even sure you wanted it. Ha!

    I wonder if there's a 12-step group for tablecloth addicts?

  3. Nope dont have as many as you must count mine soon tho lol I do tend to be drawn to lacy ones mostly tho as I have plans for them